Bulletins & Advisories Honda Genuine Engine Pre-Heater for the CR-V

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    As discussed here in these two thread pre-heaters have been around for some time. It was made as an offering for the Accord but the marketing or the product just failed to deliver Article: 8th Generation Honda Accord Parking Heaters

    Other members have successfully fitted aftermarket kits with good success

    Engine & Gearbox - DEFA 220V electrical engine block heater

    Engine & Gearbox - Engine Pre-Heater i-DTEC

    Now Honda have announced today they are releasing this product only on new cars sold and fitted at the time of PDI.

    The Accessories Department are pleased to introduce an all-new Genuine Accessory - The Engine Pre-Heater. The Engine Pre-Heater provides a warm and comfortable interior by independently pre-heating the engine before start-up. It defrosts and demists the windscreen and helps to protect the engine and reduce component wear by preventing damaging cold starts. A pre-warmed motor also emits fewer noxious emissions on start-up.
    • Warms the passenger compartment and engine, making starting easy
    • No more cold starts - protecting the engine and saving fuel
    • Kind to the environment - warmer engines emit fewer emissions
    • Comfortable warm air distribution using the car's own air vents
    • Discreet Installation in the engine compartment.
    • Heating started by remote control.
    • Noise-optimised and energy-saving

    How does it Work?

    The water heater works independently of the engine and therefore pre-heats the vehicle's passenger compartment and engine. The heaters are integrated in the cooling water system of the engine. The thermal energy gained is absorbed by the vehicle's own heat exchanger and distributed, finely dosed, into the interior as warm air through existing air vents. The engine is warmed up with the residual heat in the cooling water.

    Remote Control

    Each system includes an Easy Start Remote control with display, feedback and integrated timer:
    • Integrated timer function - 3 timer presets within 7 days possible (setting is departure time; the system calculates required heating time)
    • Interior temperature on the illuminated display
    • 2-way communication with heater
    • Diagnosis function
    • Works within a range of 1000m


    Due to the unique nature of this product, specialist equipment and training are required to install. Therefore, The Engine Pre Heater is available via PDI fitment only.

    National Fitted Price £1295 (inc VAT)
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    Honda access has made available an engine/cabin pre-heater controlled using a rather nice looking remote that can be programmed for upto 7 days in advance! apparently due to the nature of its fitment its only available for PDI fitment at the moment. with a fitted price of £1295. ime yet to find out the fitting instructions but it looks like a lovely piece of kit!
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    Is input energy from plugging into mains or from cars fuel, diesel & petrol?
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    Just look under how it works Tom.