Honda Grace GM-4 2014 Dec Model

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    Sri Lanka Varghese Colombo
    Dear Friends,

    I am in process of purchasing the above mentioned vehicle. kindly let me know the performance of this car.


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    Hello mate,

    check out a few brochures we have in this section Imports & Worldwide

    Guys anyone got this car in the UK and can help @G.A.Varghese ?

    014 Honda Grace Hybrid EX data
    2014 Honda Grace Hybrid EX data
    Applicable to the Japanese (JDM) domestic market(s).
    Body type4/5 seater sedan/saloon
    Number of doors4
    dimensions & weights
    Track/tread (front)147558.1
    Track/tread (rear)146557.7
    Ground clearance1355.3
    length:wheelbase ratio1.71
    Kerb weight1200 kg2646 lb
    Weight distribution
    fuel tank capacity40 litres8.8 UK Gal10.6 US Gal
    Drag coefficient
    Frontal area
    engine type naturally aspirated petrol
    Engine manufacturerHonda
    Engine code
    CylindersStraight 4
    Capacity1.5 litre
    1497 cc
    (91.353 cu in)
    ]Bore×[Stroke[/URL]73 × 89.4 mm
    2.87 × 3.52 in
    Bore/stroke ratio
    double overhead camshaft (DOHC)
    4 valves per cylinder
    16 valves in total
    maximum power output
    (JIS net)
    110 PS (108.5 bhp) (81 kW)
    at 6000 rpm
    Specific output
    (JIS net)
    72.5 BHP/litre
    1.19 bhp/cu in
    maximum torque
    (JIS net)
    134 Nm (99 ft·lb) (13.7 kgm)
    at 5000 rpm
    Specific torque
    (JIS net)
    89.51 Nm/litre
    1.08 ft·lb/cu3
    Engine construction
    sumpwet sumped
    compression ratio13.5:1
    Fuel systemHonda PGM-FI fuel injection
    bmep (brake mean effective pressure)1124.8 kPa (163.1 psi)
    Maximum RPM
    crankshaft bearings
    Engine coolantWater
    Unitary capacity374.25 cc
    AspirationNormal Atkinson Cycle
    Catalytic converterY
    Hybrid drivetrain
    Secondary motor typeElectric motor
    Secondary power29.5 PS (29.1 bhp, 21.7 kW)
    Secondary torque160.0 Nm (118 ft·lb, 16 kgm) @ 0 rpm
    Maximum system output
    Maximum system torque
    Acceleration 0-80km/h (50mph)
    Acceleration 0-60mph
    Acceleration 0-100km/h
    Acceleration 0-160km/h (100mph)
    Standing quarter-mile
    Standing kilometre
    Maximum speed
    Power-to-weight ratio 91.67 PS/g
    67.42 kW/g
    90.42 BHP/ton
    0.04 bhp/lb
    Weight-to-power ratio 14.83 kg/kW
    24.77 lb/bhp
    fuel consumption
    Fuel consumption
    universal consumption (calculated from the above)
    litres per 100km
    km per litre
    UK MPG
    US MPG
    Carbon dioxide emissions73.9 g/km
    Calculated CO2
    VED band (UK)A
    CO2 Effizienz (DE)A+
    Engine positionfront
    Engine layouttransverse
    Drive wheelsfront wheel drive
    Torque splitN/A
    Steeringrack & pinion PAS
    turns lock-to-lock
    Turning circle
    Front suspension
    Rear suspension
    Wheel size front
    Wheel size rear
    Tyres front185/55 R 16 83V
    Tyres rear185/55 R 16 83V
    Brakes F/RVeDi/Dr-S-ABS
    Front brake diameter
    Rear brake diameter
    Gearbox7 speed automatic
    Top gear ratio0.45
    Final drive ratio4.84
    Production total
    Model code
    Model family
    RAC rating13.2
    Insurance classificationNo information available
    Tax bandNo information available
    2014 Honda Grace Hybrid EX added
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    Sri Lanka Varghese Colombo
    Dear Mate,

    Thanks for your response, kindly let me know where i can download the English Brochure.

    thanks and regards,

  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Since it is a JDM car I dount we have any in English @numpty67 you are brochure guru if there is anyone who can find it ...its him :gohonda:
  5. numpty67 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The Honda Grace is basically a Japanese only re-badged 6th Generation Honda City, as far as I know, the Hybrid is available on the JDM Grace only, and not available on the City models that are sold around the world, and to confuse things even more in South Africa the same car is called the Ballade and the Greiz and the City in China depending on which dealership you buy it from!

    So if it is NOT the hybrid then here is a link to my Flickr page for the 6th Generation Honda City where there are some written in English.
    Collection: Honda City 6th Generation Brochures 2014 -

    Here is the link to the JDM Honda Grace brochures
    Collection: Honda Grace 1st Generation 2014 -

    Hope that helps. I had a look at the Honda SRI Lanka website and it lists the City but not the Grace for sale, are you importing the car yourself?