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    Morning all,

    Honda have sent me a card reminding me that I only have a month left if I want to buy their servicing plan - £895 for 5 years or 62,500k miles.

    They say that it is "much less" than paying for each service individually...anybody got any idea how much it actually saves, and is this worth doing?
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    I just took this out on my newly acquired 08 Accord, I took a three service plan and it's about £26.00 a month for 30 months. I compared it to the costs of the three services it covers me for and it worked out slightly cheaper than the services are currently priced at but I was then told the prices on display were plus VAT so the plan does work out far cheaper.

    Also, for me, it saves having to shell out the full amount in one go, it's just more convenient for me but I appreciate it may not be for everyone.
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    An alternative is to go onto the website of your local college and sign up for their next evening class in car maintenance.

    After a few years of doing the basics yourself even if you still get the challenging jobs done by the pros you will still save an absolute fortune.
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  4. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    Nice idea, but afraid I'm not the practical type...I can follow all the instructions in the world, but somehow it just never turns out right! :Sobbing:Would be a terrible shame to inflict me on a machine that Honda spent so long building so well...
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    You do save a lot at todays prices, and when you consider inflation in two or three years, it's even better..Go for it..
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Now aint that the truth.
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    When I bought my 7th Generation Honda Accord as part of the sale I had negotiated a 5 year servicing deal as a sweetener and I did get it.

    The beauty of it was the first two years I was travelling a lot to various parts of the country and the first two servicing were done at different dealers and both had to honour the service plan. The first dealer was Lookers at Warrington and their labour rates were expensive than Holdcroft but this plan gave me immunity from the differentials.

    if you are a travelling owner then this is brilliant.
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    On a similar note, today I received a call from the new owners of Newcastle Honda. It was their central call centre not the dealership who I'd prefer to speak to to be honest and I’m going to as I need to confirm some things I’ve been told. They rang to check I'd cancelled the payments to the previous dealership owner’s service plan and to get some more information about my car usage etc. in order to prepare a quote for their service plan. So far so good.

    Then things went downhill as they then tried to persuade me to stop servicing the car to Honda's recommendations as it's out of warranty so now does not need the same Honda Happiness servicing - apparently.

    They quoted me £20-99 a month for their service plan (previous was £17-99) but I also need to make a one off payment of £79 now as there will otherwise be insufficient funds in the plan for my next service in October. I questioned this immediately and asked them how they know the service is due in October as the car has SvRS. Also asked if they were actually aware that the 8th Generation has SvRS. :Foolish:

    i should've also asked them if I was to go on a less stringent service schedule obviously it won't be £20-99 a month will it? :Whistle:

    They said SvRS was just to tell the technicians what the car needs and is not a service schedule indicator!!!!!!!!!!!!:Rolf:

    I checked after I’d spoken to them and my car says B service due in 210 days, which is inspection only (please correct me if I'm wrong)

    I did ask them how they were so sure that a service will be required in October as this is the very nature of variable service intervals!

    They also reckon my next service will be £300!!!!!:Blink:

    I’ve not always had a service plan all the time I’ve had this car. I got it when car was about 18 months old but I’ve never paid £300 for AB service ever. Surely B inspection service will be less than AB? Only ever had two service bills over £300 one was when I needed 4 tyres and the other was when I needed new brake pads.

    Me thinks there is a rabbit off here! What have other people been charged for B spec inspection services?


  9. Paul Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I think the service plans are a waste of money. I recently had a 75k service for my 7th Generation (everything except coolant changed) for £330 at Honda. They were quoting full costs in their service plan at over £400 for that service. I think with how everyone's fighting for business then deals are there to be had. The only good thing is that you can pay monthly, but why not just put the money away.
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    I suppose that the first question to ask is whether you intend to keep the car for that length of time or mileage. For 5 services it does not sound too bad a price (£180 each service).

    I have been pondering whether to take it up myself but will probably not bother.
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    EDIT - are we talking about the same thing? I'm talking about an approved used monthly service plan.

    I think it depends on your dealer and travel habits. I do about 18k miles a year and have a service plan at £26 a month. That covers me for 2 services a year from memory as opposed to the £19 option. Seems quite good value to me.

    Also, I recall that my wife's Civic has a service plan, and within four months of picking it up it needed the larger service. When I sneaked a look at the dealer paperwork it said £275. In my mind, I'm spreading the cost and paying slightly less.
  12. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Think it's a similar idea if not exactly the same. Honda Happiness also do the fixed price repair guarantee or "Bring your Honda Home" or whatever it's now called.

    Yes up until today I agree the service plan has seemed very cost effective. I've either had sufficient funds in the scheme to cover the cost or had to pay say £60-odd quid occasionally if the SvRS has deemed a return trip necessary after only a couple of months. I'm still convinced that even with the sometimes more frequent visits due to SvRS overall it's not costing much if any more than my 7th Generation to maintain as you only do what's needed at the time you're just sometimes back at the dealer more frequently.

    I just felt as if there was a rabbit off today as they seemed a bit overly pushy to sign me up today and pay the additonal £79 on top of the £20-99/month. What's the big drama if there are insufficient funds in the plan at the next service? I'll just pay any difference on the day as I've done in the past and it was never an issue then. If they're now worried they'll not get the outstanding money they've got my keys so that's not a problem either.

    Then for them to say that my next service is due in October just raised my suspicions a little further. How can they categorically say that with SvRS? Particularly when I was unable to tell them the code as I was unsure at the time. If I'm up in Scotland in the summer I might put 900-1500 additional miles on over a few days which will shorten the next service due date; it's all unknowns at this point in time. Where did the £300 come from if we couldn't establish what the code was at the time? Is an inspection with no change of oil/filter etc. really £300 worth? Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm no mechanic just utilising layman's common sense. Yes it depends what they may find I suppose but that's all unknowns til the day the car's on the ramps.

    Sense will be obtained from the actual dealership I'm sure.

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    I suppose also I could go withut a plan for a bit see how that works out cost wise and re-start if there is a difference. Apparently it's transferrable if I change cars as well.
  13. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    I never bothered taking it out in the end - £895 at one go seemed a bit much, and chances are I will only keep the car 3-4 years before changing it.

    Still worried about what to buy if there is no Accord offered by Honda at that point...still loving the car after almost a year. :Happy:

    Unusual for me, I get bored with cars pretty quickly...
  14. Jay2512 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My local dealer Brindley in Cannock offer a 3 tier level service - Gold, Silver & Bronze. My car has had nothing more than Bronze services for 179.00

    If there happy to do this while the car was under warranty, what is the reason for trying to charge more for Honda standard service?
  15. IDTEC Special Partner Club Affiliate

    Lee Cheshire
    Hi jay
    What mileage are you upto? Apart from the oil filter have you had any other filters changed?
  16. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I have told Vertu today that I am happy (just) to pay the £20-99 even though it's not "Honouring" the Springfield service plan that I had (honouring to me means maintaining exactly the same T&Cs, price etc.) but I'm not paying an additonal £79 up front payment. They rang back after speaking to their "boss" and as they see me as a valued Customer and don't want to lose me they'll waive the £79 but the monthly payment goes up to £24!!!! :lol: I think I'm going to buy them a dictionary because simply spreading the £79 up front payment over the forthcoming months is not "waiving" the £79. How stupid do you think we are Vertu? I told them to forget it but I want the sum of money already in the plan from my Springfield service plan refunding to me.

    Sense prevailed when I spoke to Ex-Springfield staff. :GoodJob:

    I wish we could have Springfield Honda back in the North East!:Hooray:So far Vertu call centre staff are reminding me of one of the reasons I chose Honda originally - to escape from large nationwide dealer chains and their service standards! Hopefully I can avoid them now and deal only with the Ex-Springfield staff at the dealership. :Rant:

    I get the impression that Vertu call centre staff know very little (if anything) about the Honda Accord as they do not seem to grasp the concept of SvRS on the 8th Generation!

    If I understand correctly a service plan is not easy to prepare for the 8th Generation due to the SvRS which I can fully accept as no one can know what is needed when as there is no set pattern - it's decided by how you drive/use car as to what service is necessary and when.

    My question to you all is this as I've had a thought.

    If SvRS is disabled does the service routine revert back to the 12,000miles or 12 months as on the 7th Generation? If so (and bearing in mind that my 8th Generation has been serviced as per SvRS for 3 years and 42,000 miles) is there any risk in requesting SvRS be disabled now? What I mean is could any servicable component be inadvertently missed if SvRS is disabled now as servicing has been done by SvRS rather than strict time/mileage intervals? Am I risking the furture reliability of my car by turning off SvRS now?

    Many thanks in advance! :Thumbup:
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  17. richsprint Account Closed. ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Hi John,
    My 8thgen is an early one on a 58 reg, it seems to have had SvRS disabled from new. It has been serviced on the 12 months\12500 miles schedule. I don't get any dash SvRS messages so it seems to work fine. I'm up to 65000 miles now. The service book details all the items at each service. My next expense is auto trans fluid at 67500...
  18. Jay2512 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I now have just over 45,000 on the clock with 40,000 of that covered in 2yrs. The bronze service covers oil & air filter and most important the synthetic oil. Also includes a new pollen filter for the cabin which I change on a regular basis as I find mine last around 3 - 5 months before being black as black can be!
  19. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi Richsprint

    Thanks for the reply. From the little research I've done I think the servicing schedule on the 8th Generation can be done either way and both are equally acceptable - SvRS from new or disable SvRS and service on 12,500miles/12 months from new. In fact I got the impresson from talking to my dealer that if you wish to buy a service plan with a new 8th Generation Accord they will not enable SvRS as it's difficult to tailor a service plan for SvRS (think the Accords come from Japan with SvRS not being enabled so that they don't count the boat journey as service life and the dealers switch SvRS on at PDI).

    I'm concerned about if it's ok to turn SvRS off an a car that's so far been serviced according to SvRS it was just an idea I picked up from one of my conversations this week. Think I might forget that idea though and stick with the SvRS as my gut feeling is it's maybe not the best idea to turn it off now the car is 3 years old. I've not got any evidence to back this feeling up it's just a gut feeling.

    Your car must be even better to drive now with 65,000 on it. Mine's up to 42,500 and it's now better than ever - it's getting better with miles! :Hooray::vtec:Engine is revving more freely than ever and the gear change is slickening up even more.

    Cheers :Thumbup: