ICE & HFT Honda HFT and 2 iPhones...issues

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    Hi guys

    Until recently I had an iPhone 5s (private phone) and a Blackberry (work phone) and both were paired with the HFT system. I found that I could switch between them with the "Next Phone" command without difficulty and it always picked up the next phone. My company have since moved us all onto iPhones and I now have a second 5s. I removed the Blackberry and paired the second iPhone but I find that the HFT really struggles to now switch between the two phones and I have to physically switch off Bluetooth on the one I am moving away from to force it to move to the next one.

    Has anyone had experience of this or got any ideas on what I could do to remedy the situation please?
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    Hmm this is an interesting situation, surely the Bluetooth can identify both phones at the same time and respond to whichever phone rings or is used? If it has worked with your previous phone I cannot see why two iPhones should be any different. I thought that each phone has it's own frequency but would still link into a paired system.
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    Well I would have thought the same too but something odd is going on. I am going to clear out the system completely tomorrow and start afresh. The only thing I think I may not have done was turn off the bluetooth on the 1st iPhone when I paired the second but I thought this would only potentially cause initial pairing problems (if any) and not subsequent ones further down the line.

    It's almost like they have identical signals and the system is getting hung up on which one to connect to.
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    I have the same issue with my work 'phone (an elderly Nokia) and my personal 'phone (a Samsung Galaxy which is the work of the devil).

    If I leave the bluetooth on for both 'phones, it will only select the Samsung to dial from, even though it will use the Nokia 'phonebook details. So, I can select the Nokia, use a name from the phonebook in the Nokia, and it will make the call using the Samsung...:Unknown:

    No real problem for me, as I generally only receive calls in the car which causes no issue for either 'phone. The only solution if wanting to dial is to turn off the bluetooth on one of the 'phones. Would love to know if there is a way around it or whether I am doing something wrong/stupid.
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    Thought I would update this one as I completely cleared the phones out today and put them back in one at a time, turning off the bluetooth on each one after pairing. It does now seem to be behaving and will monitor it over the next few weeks. Once I had said the "Next Phone" command once for each phone in the cycle it then automatically switched to the next phone without any prompt on the following occasions and I was able to leave bluetooth enabled on both phones.

    *Fingers crossed*