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    I recently had to change my phone from Nokia 300 to Nokia 108. the 300 paired on my 2015 CR-V , however the new phone does not, The Honda dealer tried as well. Apart from getting another new phone does anyone have any suggestions oh how to resolve this issue.
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    Does your CR-V have the built in sat nav system? If so, is it the 2015MY CR-V with the "Connect" system or the 2014MY with the previous sat nav system - that information may help.

    I had a similar issue on my previous 8th Generation Accord (with Nokia phones, and the built in sat nav) and it was resolved by deleting the previous phone entirely from the system (including the address book) and then starting again and pairing the new phone.

    Could one of the moderators move this to the 4th Generation CR-V section as well please?
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    United Kingdom nescot Aberdeen
    It has the built in sat nav and it is a 2015 registered car. I did delete the old phone and this did not help. sorry for posting in wrong section, im new to this forum
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    ^^ Don't worry about that, it gives the moderators something to do :Laughing:

    Does your CR-V look like this, the 2014MY:

    FirstHonda's Second Honda...

    Or like this, the 2015MY:

    2015 CR-V 1.6 i-Dtec EX

    That will determine which sat nav it has fitted.

    ^^ Afraid in which case, I don't know. There are quite a few threads on the Honda HFT, but I don't think there are any relating specifically to the "Connect" system if that is what you have in your car.

    Have a read through this - it may help (it may not). Sorry, best I can do...

    In-Depth - Honda "Hand Free Telephone" (HFT) User Guide
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