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    Honda i-MID intelligent Multi-Information Display will see it first outing here in the UK on the new 2012 Civic FK1, FK2 and the FK3.

    This on papers looks like a really massive improvement from the current on multi information displays, for starters for the first times the owners can customise their display ,you can import three wallpapers of your choice then select then and delete them. Yo can change the welcome screen to your choice to give you that individuality.

    Change the colour theme on the display to four colour blue,red,amber or grey not to mention the choice of 12 languages if you are a multi lingual speaker.

    The positioning of the new i-MID is at the 02:00 o'clock position giving you a clear sight to the various bit of information which again is customisable to what you want to see. The European version of i-MIS will support Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from your Bluetooth enabled phone.

    To give you an indication the options available on the new i-MID are as follows
    Vehicle information
    Rear seat belt information
    Maintenance information
    Odometer/trip meter
    Trip meter reset- for Trip A and Trip B
    Select trip/odometer Trip A and Trip B
    Adjust clock
    12/24h Hours and Minutes
    Speed alarm
    Two speed alarms
    Speedometer Unit change from km/h and mph

    The following are the customisable settings which can only be change when the car is stationery.

    On the display Unit
    • Deflation warning system you can Initialise it and turn it off
    • Select wallpaper 3 choices
    • Import wallpaper > choose from list>loading image>save> three options
    • Delete wallpaper 3 options
    • Trip meter item to Display
    • Average fuel
    • Elapsed time
    • Average speed
    • Welcome Screen > Select On or Off
    • Colour Theme >Blue>Red>Amber and Grey
    • Turn by Turn Display * only with factory installed NAVI systems
    • Warning Message >Select On or Off
    • Languages >
    1. English
    2. Deutsch
    3. Italiano
    4. Français
    5. Español
    6. Português
    7. Nederlands
    8. Dansk
    9. Svenska
    10. Norsk
    11. Suomi
    12. Pycckий
    Driving support System Setup

    • ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) Pre-running Car detect beep > On or Off Will be on the car only with LKAS.
    • Adjust outside Temperature display from ± 0°C to ± 3°C
    • Tripcomputer settings
    Trip A & B can be adjusted for with refuel,
    Manual only and Ignition off to get accurate fuel displays

    • Fuel efficiency Backlight On or Off
    • Factory Reset
    To give you an indication of what this system looks like on the Civics across the pond , they do have all the bells and whistles on the Civic Si model . We can expect a slightly water downed version . More details to follow as soon as they come to light. I can wait to see what improvements this system makes when the nine gen Accord is released.

    A US i-MID user Guide

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    Whilst I was at HH last week getting my car MOT'd at HH I spent a one hour solid without distractions understanding the function of the new iMID on the new Civic. I have driven it before but this one was the 2.2 I-DTEC with all the options on it. After reading the entire content of the owners manual and playing with the iMID (Geeky Mode)

    These are some of my favourite iMID functions and I can't stop raving about iMID

    iPhone integration

    I paired my Phone to the car the process was simple enough got my address book uploaded however noticed a flaw with the iPhone

    A iPhone which is paired to the HFT switches its output source to Bluetooth audio once the phone connects so your streaming of audio to the car stops unexpectedly & it confuses itself. So to try the flip side I repeated the process locked the car waiting for 15 minutes for it to power down got in let the phone connect to HFT first then attached the USB cable and presto success.

    I would assume for any reason if the HFT connection to your phone drops off you will have to remove the USB cable and repeat the process.:Frown: I natural thoughts this is a fault with the iMID system but after researching on apple developer forums and review this seems to be a flaw with the iphone itself and a few other car manufacturers have this issue too.

    Whilst reading and looking at the iMID site map came across this fantastic new feature.

    We all older generation Honda owners know when the battery in the fob dies you have no second chance and even have to get the key reprogrammed. Check this out the iMID will sense the battery in the fob is getting low and will display a message on the screen to advise. Even better if you keep on ignoring it and the battery is totally dead you the iMID shows up the backup start procedure with on screen prompts . Now that is brilliant!! Superb Honda well done.

    I wish I could have spent more time with the iMID it only going to get better as it evolves.
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    Will you have this on your new Accord?
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I would love too but it looks doubtful we will see an advance version of the current iMID in the 9th Generation accord. The 9th Generation is not far from its launch we only have 14-15 months to its launch.