ICE & HFT Honda i-VES 7th Generation Accord Troubleshooting.

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    This is for all the rare 7th Generation owners who have the Honda i-VES (in-Vehicle Entertainment System).

    Honda i-VES 7th Gen Accord AOCUK.

    I have this in my Tourer and its been faultless since day one and kept my daughter occupied for hours. The current 8th Generation i-VES is a vast improvement in screen resolution portability and most importantly easier to install.

    This guide is to troubleshoot the type of system is you get DVD region errors. This i-VES is designed to work for the European region , but some time by accident the owners will use a different region DVD leaving the system into error loop.

    To get out of this error loop follow this simple guide.

    1) Turn on the DVD drive.
    2) Make sure that there are no DVD’s in the unit. Hit eject to cross check
    3) Press “Menu” on the i-VES remote.
    4) Select “Rating” via the on-screen menu and press “Enter” on the remote.
    5) The system will then asks for a password, enter 9614.
    6) Scroll through the region codes listed by pressing the “Enter” button repeatedly until Region code 9 is highlighted.
    7) Press “Menu” again on the remote.

    That complete the fix you now have a working i-VES.