General Honda Japan vs Honda UK Product Line Up

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by TheDarkKnight, Wednesday 1st Jan, 2014.

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    Agree. MPVs sell well in the UK, but no Honda available since the Stream and FR-V. Seems like the biggest, most obvious, gap. The "Vezel" looks like a Juke / Yeti competitor and small SUVs are also popular here.

    I've always liked the "Kei" cars too. I know a couple of Japanese manufacturers have tried them here (Daihatsu springs to mind with the Cuore and the Copen), but with the cost of motoring ever on the increase and the relative success of the Smart FourTwo over the years, I would have thought a Honda "city car" would be worth a punt. Especially as they already exist and are right hand drive...
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    The Accord Plug-In Hybrid looks impressive with its 70+ km per litre consumption!
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    The Vezel would sell very well here if people had it as an alternative to the Nissan Joke.
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    The Vezel or S-RV as insider call it over here, is coming to the UK where it will be made is another question? The 4th Generation Jazz will be made in Mexico and it shares the same floor pan and suspension to an degree so makes sense to get built in Mexico.

    One way of revolting against Swindon wagons buy Mexican.
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    I am rather disappointed that you are against British built Hondas. I have a CR-V that is well put together and far superior than most of the foreign offerings. It is at least as good as my former Japanese built Accord Tourer.

    Swindon provides jobs for thousands of British workers and is good for our economy. Which? and other magazines testify to the quality of the Swindon built CR-V, and I think it behoves us to support British made Hondas.
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    I'm quite happy to go further and say that my CR-V is definitely built better and more solidly than the 8th Generation Accord I had - and it shows too. Sure, every car OEM has faults/issues/niggles during the assembly process - I for one am delighted with the CR-V; its solid and reliable - couldn't care less where it was built to be perfectly honest.
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    Up the revolution! :Hooray:

    One sure-fire revolt of mine will be if the Accord gets axed. Without the Accord there is no Honda! :Bye:

    My money will be elsewhere cos there is a "No Swindon Can" policy on this driveway! :Baseballbat: Hopefully that message will eventually get through to the HUK Gestapo.

    Don't think they currently seem capable of producing a product that will convert me from Accord.

    Nice to see Honda Japan don't have a three car showroom policy and nice to see they see the value of having an Accord readily visible on their website instead of trying to herd the Customers to only certain products. If that's not a sign of an inferiority complex in HUK then I don't know what is!
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