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    I am new to this forum. I own a Honda Jazz, first registered on 01.06.1984.. I t has 40K miles on the clock
    and has always flown through its MOT. But the last test gave Advisory Information "Offside front lower
    sus[pension arm has slight play in a ball joint"
    My local Honda dealer has tried to locate a replacement part but apparently there is not one in the UK.
    Can any member offer suggestions please ?
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    Are there any generic if the Honda ones are no longer available?
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    Honda are probably trying to source a complete '84 Jazz lower suspension arm (you can't get just ball joints for Hondas).
    You should be able to source a generic ball joint on it's own though, hammer the old one out and press the new one in.
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    Would be great to see your car in the club garage - sounds like quite a rare thing :garage::gohonda:

    ^^ I wouldn't rush too much into changing anything just for an advisory notice TBH. My experience is that these can be pretty variable between MOT stations (and even testers at the same station). It would be an unusual 1984 car on original suspension NOT to have "slight play" in a ball joint. If you haven't noticed any knocks or thumps coming from it, then it should be fine for a while - hopefully in the meantime you can source a replacement.

    It may be worth getting a second opinion, too, just to fully understand how serious (or not) it is...good luck!