Dealers/Garages Honda Launches New Five-Year Care Package

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    From Honda UK press release. Got to admit this is a good deal for new customers but why have they gone down the route of charging customer why didnt they increase the car price by £500.00?

    Five years servicing, warranty and roadside assist for just £500
    • The ‘Five’, aftercare package is available with any new Honda model
    • Three-year zero per cent finance deals now offered with Jazz, Civic and CR-V

    Honda (UK) is celebrating the start of 2014 with the launch of an all-new comprehensive aftercare package. Available with any new Honda, the package – simply called ‘Five’ – includes five years’ servicing, five years’ warranty and five years’ roadside assist for just £500. Honda vehicles are already known for being amongst the most reliable on the road*, and the new Five package provides extra reassurance for a truly carefree ownership experience.

    Buying a new Honda has never been more affordable or manageable, helped by a three-year zero per cent (APR representative) finance deal available with all Jazz, Civic and CR-V entry-level S models. This means Honda buyers can take advantage of some great low monthly payments, including £209 per month and £269 per month for the British-built Civic and CR-V models, respectively. These monthly payments even incorporate the cost of the new ‘Five’ aftercare package.

    “Ensuring that the recommended service schedules are met by a Honda authorised dealer safeguards efficiency and roadworthiness, and keeping it ‘100 per cent Honda’ also helps to maximise the car’s residual value,” comments Leon Brannan, Head of Cars, Honda (UK).

    “Honda’s excellent new Five aftercare package aims to give complete peace of mind. Customers know that most of the major costs of motoring will be covered for the next five years for just one fixed price, and by accessing skilled Honda technicians and original Honda parts they have the reassurance of maximum service quality. Alongside our continued commitment to competitive finance deals, we’re pleased to be doing all we can to help customers manage their motoring costs.”

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