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    Hi folks.....I was lucky enough to own a 1991 Legend coupe for a while until someone decided to try and break into it and busted the door locks. Regrettably, I had to sell the car for scrap. So now I have the following manuals that I no longer to a good home, collection only from East Manchester as too big to post.

    1 Legend shop manual covering maintenance, repair and construction
    4 Legend shop supplement books

    If anyone is interested, please leave me a message...thanks
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    Hello @Kevvo and welcome to HK.
    Sorry to hear that some low life decided to ruin the Legend... what are you driving now?
    regards to the manuals, will it be possible to post photos of them?
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    Will try to attach goes!! I now drive a Volvo

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    Sorry to hear about your Legend @Kevvo

    Hopefully somebody here will have a good use for your manuals, very generous of you to donate them to a good home. :likeit: