Facelift Model Honda Legend 4th Generation 56 plate vs 57 plate any difference and which 1 is a better buy

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    wondering if there any difference on 56 & 57 plate legends

    Ok I narrowed my search for a legend was wondering if there any difference or any known reliablity issues with 56 & 57 plate legends

    he is the specs of both cars I located

    56 plate legend 30k mileage full service with full techno pack ADAS & CMBS parking sensor both rear and front a little over 10k
    57 plate 60k milage full service full techno pack ADAS & CMBS no sensors rear or front £8500 approx

    wondering which ones is the better deal , I am thinking the 56 plate legend but not sure if there are any known reliablity , faults that was put right on more newer plated ones

    thanks in advance on any replies
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    So far as I can make out, all the UK spec Legends were built in the same batch from summer 2006 to spring 2007 and they took a long time to shift them so there is probably no correlation between what plate it is on and its age. The only way you can tell its age is to look at the label on the back of the drivers seatbelt where it tells you the build date.

    At that age I would say it is all down to the condition of the bodywork and interior and service history. Do either have the 18" wheels? They look nice but have a history of corrosion so look carefully. And as I have said before, the parking sensors are really helpful.
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    06 i would take....
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    The guess work in how to dechire you Legend VIN numbers can be easily done like this thread ..


    I can get the info if you want rather than using the just in time inventory time stamp for a probably production date?
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