Engine & Gearbox Honda Legend 4th Generation timing belt change

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    Been thinking on buying a honda legend 4th Generation for sometime but waiting for the right one to come along in the meantime I have been reading and trying to find out what to look for in buying the car. As you maybe already know there is little information about the car compared to many other car brands out there especially in uk but there are Acura RL forums with information
    When reading on timming belt changes on the Legend on the Acura RL forums it states that the timing belt should be done about 100k ! and here I think it states it should be done 81k, so was a bit confused as there is a big difference in mileage between the two values

    So I thought what better to do than call up Honda themselves thinking they should know best anyway after 3 days of trying to get thru to honda service and leaving messages to call me back coz they busy with customers I called them up the forth time complaining that I do not even have the common courtesy to call customers anyway after the forth time I got thru and this is what the told me

    1) honda legend timing belt change are due every 72k miles or 8 yr intervals I askded him are you sure and he told me 100% so can anyone on here tell me for certain the exact mileage for a belt change?

    I also asked him about pricing and this is the break down of costs according to him also can I have feedback if this sound reasonable

    1) timing belt 275 fitted
    2) waterpump 450 fitted
    3) tensioner pulley 116
    4) auto tensioner 121.31
    5) idle pulley 55
    grand total 1017.31!!!!

    if everythign was done but he told me this is the worst scenario but it is cost effective to do belt, waterpump, tensioner at the same time
    at this point I was beginnig to think im getting taken for a ride as I have owned DC5 Type-R, DC2 Type-R, Prelude vti, honda smx etc and back then the worst scenario was replacing timing belt , tensioner and water pump
    basically I want to know if these prices add up and what is the timing belt milage change for certain
    thanks in advance
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    In my experience the best time to change any timing belt is five minutes BEFORE it snaps and wrecks your engine, even if that means a while before that recommended by the manufacturer. The belt is not guaranteed to last until then.

    You need quotes from a garage for the job, not from Nissan IMO. You might be pleasantly surprised. In fact I'm sure that the price you have had will be the worse possible scenario at the highest rates anywhere.
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    I'd love to know why it's £450 to fit a water pump that is a few bolts to change once cam belt is off! I got my water pump tensioner etc all replaced at 150k miles on my old Civic and they were like new. So it would depend on age mileage of car also the prices too as £450 is daylight robbery in my eyes!