Previously Owned Honda Legend Coupe

2nd Generation (1991-1995) vehicle added by Maintenanceman, Thursday 25th Dec, 2014

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    Finland Henri Pälkäne
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    ADRIAN United Kingdom
    Hi Sorry to hear, I have a Legend Coupe 3.2 1992 model I seem to be having a fuel issue as well, I think its my main fuel relay?
    for some unknown reason I cannot find the relay as mentioned on American web sites. (left hand drive vehicle my be different)
    my car has been standing now for a week, any chance you may know where to find it?

  3. Vic Cardenas Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    G2: Service Manuals And TSBs - LegendWiki

    Here is the service manual for the legend. It usually states if there are differences between the LHD and RHD component locations but it seems the RHD is the same location. What are your symptoms? This is a common unit to fail.
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  4. Adfig New Member Getting Started

    ADRIAN United Kingdom
    Perfect, thank you very much a great help, very useful.

    As I suspected it was the relay, I resolder 2 connectors and I also noticed a bad wiring makeshift joint which seems to be from the old immobalizers.
    Other items to repair or replace, Radio/tape, Drivers window switch and ALB sensors.