ICE & HFT Honda Legend KB1 Bluetooth audio streaming +USB and Line-in

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    Hello, fellow Legend (RL) owners. This forum was of much help before buying the Legend. So it's time I made a contribution.

    The biggest disadvantage I saw before getting a Honda Legend KB1, was its outdated media system. Its a little strange not to have an usb or at least an aux input in the 2009 luxurious sedan.

    So i finally got myself a digital cd-changer/emulator with bluetooth a2dp, usb and line-in inputs.

    I got the adapter unit on Ebay from this seller

    R0v0BYD. 1njbhbL. Qcce8Md. eH4KT6D.

    The first time I tried to install it, I noticed that adapter prevents the headunit cd-changer and radio from working and showing information on the main screen.

    The solution was to buy the cd-port y-cable, wich enabled me to connect both the headunit cd-changer and the adapter unit at the same time.


    It turns out, that the Honda engineers was planning to implement the external input in the facelift model.

    Now the cd-changer and radio works along with the extension device - the digital cd changer, which emulates the external changer.

    d8z4IJa. A6DOPOa.

    The internal cd changer and the adapter are switched with the disc button. The adapter inputs are switched by going to radio and coming back to disc in less than 5 seconds. The mode is also switched after plugging in the usb flash drive.
    The steering wheel controls works fine.
    The only drawback is that if you want to use the A2DP, you have to pair the phone both as media audio and phone audio (hands free) to this device. This means that you can't use Honda integrated HFT at the same time. The microphone is supplied, but I haven't plugged it in yet. Maybe I will find the way to connect the default HFT microphone to this device later.

    The USB and Line-in expander was supplied:


    So I installed it under the arm rest:

    GIu4Drr. cpFYBXQ. qrGvnea. TOurKEq.

    So now I have a more modern media system which should have been this way when the car rolled out of the factory.

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    Excellent stuff buddy and welcome to HK.
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    GromAudio kit for me, same functionality and works okay but not great.

    Have you given this any long 2+ hour drives yet? That's when my Grom likes to stop working!
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    Hello. I still haven't tried longer than 1.5h rides, so still haven't noticed any problems but one - when starting a car with adapter input, the ANC sometimes gets confused and when the RPM is at idle, I get the low frequency (20-30Hz) hum from the subwoofer. I guess I'll have to disable the ANC.
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    @simonis89 Great stuff! Have you tried running it for longer than 2 hours? That's what's putting me off grom unit but if this works, I'm buying!
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    Looks good, i just installed a non bluetooth one in my Civic
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    @timkk I have the same unit and it is temperamental. I would say overall it is a great device, it does seem I haven't had the problem with shutting off when I went on my 7 hour drive to England earlier in the year.

    There are some weird quirks however like the range from the phone to the unit must be quite short, I find that even keeping the phone in the door pockets can cause breakup and the unit to stop playing.
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