Service & Maintenance Honda NSX NC1 Engine oil and other fluids specifications

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    NSX NC1 Engine oil and other fluids Honda specifications.

    Engine oil
    Engine oil used for NSX should meet the following specifications and is applicable for all ambient temperature ranges:
    API SN or higher
    ACEA A3/B3
    ACEA A3/B4

    The factory filled oil is Mobil 1â„¢ 0W-40

    As soon as Honda Uk releases the Honda Part number for their own original engine oil it will be released here.

    Transmission/differential fluid: Gear oil type 2

    (Honda Part Number: 08294-99920NSX - 20 litres)

    Transmission/Clutch fluid:
    ATF DW1

    Transmission case sealer: NSX Transmission Liquid Gasket

    (Honda Part Number: 0826899903NSX)

    Twin motor unit:

    ATF DW1

    Engine Coolant:
    Genuine Honda Type 2

    Brake Fluid:
    NSX Genuine Honda DOT4
    (Honda Part Number: 08203-99938NSX - 500ml)

    CCM Brake disc cleaning:
    Carbon ceramic brake: Clean the brake discs and pads with an acetone solvents or isopropyl alcohol and a clean towel. Do not use brake cleaners.
    Isopropyl alcohol (Isopropanol)
    NOTE: Commercially available brake cleaner must not be used on CCM brake discs.

    To all those detailers\DIY members please take note of the precautions on brake dust.

    2nd Generation NSX Conventional Brake Service Precautions

    Compressor oil: ND-OIL11
    (Honda Part Number: 38899-TX9-013)
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    @Holdcroft Honda could you kindly post a picture of 08203-99938NSX just want to see its indigents and specification if listed on the back of the bottle please, not to forget the cost also.
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