Bulletins & Advisories Honda NSX NC1 How to check Engine Oil levels

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    The all new 2nd generation NC1 NSX comes with a dry sump engine lubrication system that takes a special procedure to check the engine oil level. To ensure an accurate reading, a certain engine temperature range and idling time must be met.

    To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Make sure the fuel tank is at least ΒΌ full, then install an exhaust extractor or park the vehicle outside on level ground.

    2. Start the engine, then select SPORT+ by turning the Dynamic Mode selector in the centre console.

    3. Using the selector wheel (A) on the right side of the steering wheel, select Oil Level Check Assist on the instrument panel.


    4. Rev the engine below 3,000 RPM'sa to warm it up. The Warm Up bar appears then increases from left to right. When the target temperature is reached, it turns green.


    5. Let the engine idle. The Idle Time bar appears, then increases from left to right. When the target idling time is reached, it turns green.


    6. Turn off the engine and wait 2 minutes.

    7. Remove right side engine cover (if not already done). Then, remove the dipstick (A) and check the engine oil level. It should read between the lowest and highest marks on the dipstick.
    NOTE: When re-installing the dipstick (A), keep in mind that this dipstick is directional and only fits in one way round.

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    8. Re-install the engine covers.

    That concludes the offical and correct way to check the oil in your new NC11. :gohonda:
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