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    honda-nsx-2_0. Honda's new NSX supercar to launch in two years time, power output of 400bhp The new Honda NSX will launch in 2015 with ground-breaking technology that will only be employed if it improves the driving experience, according to its development chief Ted Klaus.
    The new NSX, which is being chassis developed in the US, with powertrain work done in Japan, will feature a mid-mounted V6 engine producing 400bhp, supported by three electric motors. Honda has previously promised sharp handling and a large performance potential.
    However, Klaus has reiterated that the complex electronics will only intervene if they improve the driving experience. In particular, he highlighted the possibility of using the electric motors to deliver instant throttle response, or to allow silent all-electric motion.
    '"The NSX must stay true to the role it created, of being an everyday exotic," said Klaus. "That means we must only use the new tech to support the driver to live with the car every day, and to give the driver a car with a depth of abilities that they can peel away withfamiliarity, as they get to know the car.
    "The technology gives us a chance to create a car that is focused on being agile, precise and linear in its responses like never before. We are looking to do more than chase numbers on paper - as with the original NSX we won't have the most powerful car in the category, for instance, but we believe the hunan element is more important than that. Whatever we do, the driver must be at the centre of the experience, not the car."
    Klaus also confirmed that Honda hoped to involve racing drivers from inside and outside the company during development, as it did with Formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna with the original NSX. The firm returns to F1 with McLaren in 2015.
    "We call them acid tests - be it exposing the car to the world's most demanding drivers or test tracks. We may get burned by that acid, but that is the only way to improve," said Klaus.
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    Well you learn something new everyday, never knew that the great Ayrton Senna played a role in developing the original NSX.