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    Honda of the Month - Summer Recess


    Since we re-launched our 'Honda of the Month' competition in October last year, we've had some fantastic nominations, close votes, and outstanding winners. We'd like to thank everybody who has got involved and voted, and we'd also like to congratulate again all of our deserved winners. :clap:

    As it is now the Summer holiday season we've decided to give HOTM a holiday as well, just for a couple of months. There won't be a June or a July vote, and the vote will return in August.

    Whilst we are 'on a break' from the monthly vote, it is a fantastic chance for members to prepare for the re-start by updating their garage entries.

    The 'Evangelists' and 'Staff' spend many hours searching the club garage for potential nominees, then discussing who should go forward to the vote. We'd really like to see members updating their garages with this in mind, making sure that you get our attention through good 'photos, detailed project logs, and involvement across the forum, whether giving opinions or help and advice to help other members.

    So, get updating those garage entries, and we'll see you all in August for the start of a new season!
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    Happy holidays folks get working on your projects and garage entries .
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