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    Quick news: NSX available to order; special edition Punto, no facelift for Evoque

    honda-nsx_0. Honda opens NSX order books; Fiat launches special edition Punto; No major facelift for Range Rover Evoque Honda is inviting potential NSX owners to place a £5000 deposit in a newly-opened "pre-order bank" to secure their place on the waiting list. According to Honda UK boss Phil Crossman, more than 20 buyers have already placed deposits before the final production car, specifications or prices have been finalised. The car is slated for a 2015 launch
    The Range Rover Evoque is unlikely to get a conventional mid-life facelift, according to Land Rover design chief, Gerry McGovern. Instead, McGovern hopes to instigate an annual series of updates to keep the car's look fresh. "I don't want to stick on a new front end for the sake of it," he said.
    Fiat has launched a limited edition Punto. Just 300 Jet Black Editions will be made, all with a 77bhp 1.4-litre engine. The special edition features Crossover Black metallic paint, matt black stripes, 17in 12-spoke alloy wheels and bespoke badging. It is priced at £12,000 on the road.

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    Honda NSX supercar order books open


    18 Apr, 2013 - Honda NSX UK order books open ahead of supercar debut in 2015

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    New Honda NSX available to order

    The Honda NSX won't be in showrooms until 2015, but you can pre-order one now

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    Re: Honda NSX supercar order books open

    Dear Motoring Journalist I don't know which galaxy you lot have been to since July 2012 !!! this news was broken first here on AOCUK.

    Come on !!
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