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    Hi all

    I was just perusing the relics section and thought....there's something missing here. A little more racking and I found it... Honda Quintet. Never drove one but I remember vividly it had an electric sunroof and the one that jumped into my mind was a forest green colour. don't know if this was the only colour it came in?? Couldn't believe it was possible at that time to have such luxury as an electric sunroof. Nothing now but all those years ago.... And of course there was the Honda Acclaim. There is one still knocking around where I live in Nottingham. Its an A reg so about 1983 I suppose. Its that insipid blue colour. Good nick for the year. Last time I checked it had done about 45K.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Are you thinking of the Triumph Acclaim? image.
    This was my Triumph Acclaim which was a brilliant little car. My criticisms would be small boot and torque steering. Great Honda based engine though.
    Mike c
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    Absolutely not Mike I am thinking of the Honda Quintet.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    This one ?


    Or the Rover ?

    Rover Quintet.
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    Hi Nels
    Thats it. It was definately the Honda Quintet I saw not the Rover one. As I say Forest Green colour and what I couldn't get over at the time an electric sunroof.
    Thanks Nel.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    You mentioned Honda Acclaim in your message as well as the Quintet so I thought of the Triumph version when Honda and BL shared vehicle design and components.
    Mike c
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    Hi Mike

    Yes it was the Honda Quintet, I apologise for the confusion.... BL blimey charlie thats a blast from the dark and distant past. I bet you will remember the Rover 827 legend with the Honda 2.7 V6. What a beautiful engine that was...smooth as silk.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Ooh that's made me feel old, I am afraid I can remember much older rovers than that . I recall Rovers from the late 50's, 60's and onwards . I recall working on rovers that were up armoured to be used in the protection of people like PM's and Royalty. After up armouring they weighed in excess of 2 ton and needed stronger suspension. They had bulletproof glass and of course they were tuned to get over the additional weight .
    Mike c
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    Hi mike
    No 60's is where it ends for me. The old p6's and later sd1's both with the 3.5v8.
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    United Kingdom John LN5
    If we’re talking old Rovers! I always fancied one of these in a very dark blue with cream leather and axminster carpets.

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    Dave Cornwall
    There was a Honda version of the Acclaim in other markets, it was the 1st Generation Ballade, we had them in south Africa at the time and they were great little cars.