In-Depth Honda Recall: Passenger SRS Recall Information (Civic, Jazz, Stream & CR-V)

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    ModelModel CodeYear Model
    Civic 4 doorES4, ES5, ES72001,2002,2003
    Civic COUPEEM22001,2002,2003
    CR-VRD82002 & 2003
    JAZZGD1, GD52002 & 2003
    STREAMRN1, RN32001,2002,2003

    Following the threads on the forum Massive Japanese Airbag recall this article outlines the full remit of this recall and to answer all owners concerns and to reassure them this is pretty much routine and outlines the wider impact.Honda made the notice within hours of the press release to all major print media which again goes to show how rapidly their response was formulated and their proactive steps to inform all regulatory bodies and to get their customers informed.

    The Background

    As you may know, Honda Motor Co Ltd announced a safety recall for some of the above mentioned vehicles in Europe and globally. Since these these models were sold in large numbers globally and were produced in several Honda factories all relevant owners need to informed. Please note only the models mentioned in the article are affected none of the other models are.

    What is the problem?

    In some vehicles, the passenger front airbag inflator may have been produced containing gas generating propellant which could produce excessive pressure when the airbag deploys in an accident. If the internal pressure is too high,the inflator may rupture causing small metal fragments to enter the passenger compartment. If fragments are produced, they could be propelled upward toward the windshield, or downward toward the front passenger's foot well, potentially causing injury to a vehicle occupant.

    How many cases have actually happened?

    Honda is aware of 1 case which occurred during airbag deployment in an accident (in Puerto Rico). 4 further cases have been found when airbags were deployed during vehicle dismantling (in Japan). Honda is not aware of any further cases.

    What should Honda owners of the affected cars do before they are contacted by letter?

    Please be assured that there is no danger from the airbag in its' normal condition and during normal driving. The potential problem will only occur in case the airbag deploys in accident.

    Is my car affected?

    The affected vehicles are identified based on the serial number of the airbag unit which identifies the inflator production date and manufacturing line. Therefore not all vehicles within the specified range are affected. Only those vehicles in the attached VIN list are affected.Please refer to attached VIN list see below.

    Which vehicle types are affected?

    In Europe, certain vehicles within the following ranges are affected, but please refer to the attached VIN list to confirm vehicles actually affected.


    Why are other models or other cars within the VIN range not affected?

    The gas generating propellant is made on various manufacturing lines and in various factories and only a specific line and factory has produced the propellant which may produce excessive pressure. This can be traced to the SRS unitserial number and this serial number can be traced to specific VIN's. Therefore only the vehicles on the attached VIN list contain the suspect inflators.

    How many cars are affected in Europe?

    Civic = 15,033.
    CR-V = 18,283.
    Jazz = 10512.
    Stream = 11816.
    Total = 55,644.

    When can I expect to receive a notification letter?

    Currently Honda is securing sufficient replacement inflators to enable the smooth call in of customers to start as soon as possible.Please note to get replacement inflators with the remediation will be hard and quite demanding, as you can imagine all big four Japanese manufacturers are impacted the strain on the factories to produced these parts will be immense. Please be patient speak to your dealers if your car is affected ask them when it the best time to book it in for this work.
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    Re: Article: Honda Recall | Civic, Jazz, Stream and CR-V| Passenger SRS recall inform

    Just a quick update on this Honda have mailed the first batch of customer letter the week commencing 15 July, this batch consisted of 5,000 letters.

    Due to the restricted delivery of replacement parts a further 5,000 letters will be mailed week commencing 29 July with a final 5,000 letters being mailed week commencing 12 August.

    So if you are one of these owners with these car please wait for your letter.