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    Honda S-MX

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    As requested here are a couple of shots of the engine, B20B - 1972cc - 128bhp

    99902d10-84e5-467a-aa50-64384dcba445l. 2014-05-06 12.45.16.

    So the noise that the car makes when starting first thing in the morning turns out to be the ABS Modulator/Pump. Managed to obtain the the part no. 57110-S71-951 from Lings Honda who could get me the part for £1364.12 + VAT, needless to say I'm looking for a second hand one, there is one on ebay at the moment for £120 and I have sent an email to a couple of breakers here in the UK who are going to get back to me.

    On a brighter note, look what arrived today!
    2014-05-06 18.23.40.
    It's a Honda Dealer sign I got off ebay, wired it up, plugged it in and it lit up first time.:Niceone:
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    Like Honda sign !! that a big air filter aint it for that engine.
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    Got a delivery from Japan, bought a few S-MX bits and pieces I found on a Japanese auction site. Brochures, Press Kit :Grin: and a handbook, obviously in Japanese but still quite handy as there a lot of pictures. Also bought a CD, now I must state the only reason I bought it is that it was used to promote the S-MX when it was launched, for some reason Honda decided to use True Love by Elton John & Kiki Dee!!?


    Check out the commercial

    Have uploaded the brochures onto my Flickr page.

    Collection: Honda S-MX Brochures
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    So won another auction in Japan, you know how I like to collect bits of original memorabilia. This time it was for a Honda S-MX brochure(s) but instead of the normal paper, this one is on Laserdisc of all things. From what I could make out it is a 12" disc in it's original sleeve, be interesting to see what is actually on the disc. Just need a player to play it on. Ebay here I come!:Grin:

    vaio118jp-img600x450-1394705695ldt4n470374. vaio118jp-img600x450-1394705696gbpyq270374. vaio118jp-img600x450-13947056952tb29q70374.
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    So the S-MX had it's MOT, passed with flying colours and no advisories, pretty relieved took a bit of a gamble on this car but it seems to be in good shape for a car that is now 17 years old. Got the air con re-gassed and it is now like sitting in a fridge. Cool!

    Bought a laserdisc player to watch the brochure disc, really interesting. Any body any ideas on how I can upload this to my computer?
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    There are probably other ways too. That was the first one I found.
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    Basically Laserdisc Player video/audio out into a PC capture card (you can get USB or internal PCI-E) and record that feed.
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    Thanks for that, seems much simpler. Will let you know how I get on.
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    Great looking little S-MX you have, I haven't seen one in that coulor before and to have the 4WD version is great, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the 2WD versions were RH1's and the 4WD were RH2's.

    Anyway been looking for one of these for a few weeks now and struggling to find a good one for the right price, hopefully I'll be able to find one soon as would love to have it to go JAE this year.