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    Honda S-MX

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    As requested here are a couple of shots of the engine, B20B - 1972cc - 128bhp

    99902d10-84e5-467a-aa50-64384dcba445l. 2014-05-06 12.45.16.

    So the noise that the car makes when starting first thing in the morning turns out to be the ABS Modulator/Pump. Managed to obtain the the part no. 57110-S71-951 from Lings Honda who could get me the part for £1364.12 + VAT, needless to say I'm looking for a second hand one, there is one on ebay at the moment for £120 and I have sent an email to a couple of breakers here in the UK who are going to get back to me.

    On a brighter note, look what arrived today!
    2014-05-06 18.23.40.
    It's a Honda Dealer sign I got off ebay, wired it up, plugged it in and it lit up first time.:Niceone:
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    Like Honda sign !! that a big air filter aint it for that engine.
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    Got a delivery from Japan, bought a few S-MX bits and pieces I found on a Japanese auction site. Brochures, Press Kit :Grin: and a handbook, obviously in Japanese but still quite handy as there a lot of pictures. Also bought a CD, now I must state the only reason I bought it is that it was used to promote the S-MX when it was launched, for some reason Honda decided to use True Love by Elton John & Kiki Dee!!?


    Check out the commercial

    Have uploaded the brochures onto my Flickr page.

    Collection: Honda S-MX Brochures
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    So won another auction in Japan, you know how I like to collect bits of original memorabilia. This time it was for a Honda S-MX brochure(s) but instead of the normal paper, this one is on Laserdisc of all things. From what I could make out it is a 12" disc in it's original sleeve, be interesting to see what is actually on the disc. Just need a player to play it on. Ebay here I come!:Grin:

    vaio118jp-img600x450-1394705695ldt4n470374. vaio118jp-img600x450-1394705696gbpyq270374. vaio118jp-img600x450-13947056952tb29q70374.
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    So the S-MX had it's MOT, passed with flying colours and no advisories, pretty relieved took a bit of a gamble on this car but it seems to be in good shape for a car that is now 17 years old. Got the air con re-gassed and it is now like sitting in a fridge. Cool!

    Bought a laserdisc player to watch the brochure disc, really interesting. Any body any ideas on how I can upload this to my computer?
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    There are probably other ways too. That was the first one I found.
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    Basically Laserdisc Player video/audio out into a PC capture card (you can get USB or internal PCI-E) and record that feed.
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    Thanks for that, seems much simpler. Will let you know how I get on.
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    Great looking little S-MX you have, I haven't seen one in that coulor before and to have the 4WD version is great, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the 2WD versions were RH1's and the 4WD were RH2's.

    Anyway been looking for one of these for a few weeks now and struggling to find a good one for the right price, hopefully I'll be able to find one soon as would love to have it to go JAE this year.
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    Cheers. The colour was only available for the first year of production 1996/97, my car was registered in Japan on the 01/01/1997.

    As for RH1/RH2 my understanding was that RH1 was for all models produced from 1996-2000 and RH2 was for the facelifted models produced between 2000-2002, but you are right, I stand corrected. I have updated the details. Thanks

    I should read my brochures more closely, it is written quite clearly for every year that the 4WD is RH2. The brochures by the way are all scanned and uploaded here on Honda Karma and also available at the site I created especially for the S-MX.
    Honda S-MX

    Good luck finding one, there always seems to be one or two for sale at any given time, it's just finding the right one for you.