Brochures & Promo Honda S-MX Info & Brochures 1996-2002

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    The S-MX went on sale in November, 1996 and was available in three different trims:

    1. A base trim with front-wheel-drive,
    2. 4WD, which featured four-wheel-drive, a 15 mm higher ride height and added gear selections for the transmission.
    3. Lowdown, which featured a 15 mm lower ride height compared to the base model, a front chin spoiler, a rear spoiler, side skirts and unique 15 inch wheels

    The S-MX was slightly restyled in 2000 with body-coloured plastic replacing the previously grey plastic bumpers on the base and 4WD trims. The revised model went on sale in December of that year. Coinciding with the release of the new exterior a new trim, Custom Basic, was introduced. This new trim was lower-priced and eliminated several of the once-standard features such as a CD player, electric mirrors and tinted rear windows for privacy

    The S-MX is similar in appearance to the larger Honda Stepwgn, shortened substantially in length and height. Whereas the Stepwgn had three rows of seating to accommodate eight passengers the smaller S-MX has two rows of seating for four or five passengers.

    In order to maximize space for passengers the S-MX uses a front bench seat and a column shifter for the four-speed automatic transmission (the only available transmission). The S-MX was powered by a 2.0 L version of Honda's B-series engine featuring double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder; it did not use Honda's VTEC system. Peak power output was 128 HP (130 PS; 96 kW)

    This engine was shared with the Honda CR-V compact crossover. Similar to the CR-V, the S-MX was available with front-wheel-drive or optional four-wheel-drive.

    As was customary of minivans of the time the S-MX features only one (conventional) rear door on the passenger (left) side of the vehicle. Ostensibly this feature was for the safety of passengers, to prevent them from stepping out into traffic.

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