Bulletins & Advisories Honda S2000 Hard Top Conversion

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    Please Note this is for the UK market only.

    Honda issued the following TSB HUK000000000209 dated 30-09-03 for AP1 for all Model years

    Ordering the correct Hard top

    Please be aware that the Honda S2000 was modified to ease the fitment of the Hard top from VIN JHMAP11*0YT004342.
    From this point the harness for the heated rear window has been included as standard.

    Fitting Instructions
    DO NOT attempt to fit the Hard top conversion without the aid of the fitting instructions.These instructions are enclosed with the latest version of the Honda S2000 Electronic Service Manual (ESM) – Part Number:- 6CDS2A40A
    In addition to the fitting instructions, you must be aware of the following information: Important notes relating to the Alarm system .As standard the Honda S2000 alarm has an automatic function to disable the ultrasonics, if the alarm is set with the roof down.However, due to interference between the cut out switch and the hard top mounting, it is no longer possible to utilise this function with the hard top conversion, so instead the remote needs to be used to de-activate the ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic-deactivation auto-roof switch and harness must, therefore, be removed whilst installing the Hard top
    roof. The ultrasonic function can still be disabled if the car is required to be left with the soft top down or the hard top removed. It will be necessary for the customer to use the following process via the remote handset to disable the ultrasonic function:

    1. Set the alarm in the normal way by pressing the raised ‘set’ button once. Wait for the indicator lights to flash 4 times during alarm-setting.

    2. Then, press the ‘set’ button again. The indicator lights will flash a further 3 times- This indicates that the ultrasonics are NOT set.

    N.B. Please ensure the customer is advised of this function, especially if the hard top was not fitted at PDI and they have already become familiar with the auto-disable function, which does not require the double function of the remote.

    Removal of the Ultrasonic switch and harness

    Remove the drivers seat and pull back the carpet. Identify the Ultrasonics Auto cut-out roof switch harness and detach it from the main ultrasonics harness. This harness will be located along the left hand inner sill. See the pictures below to identify this.The harness and the switch can be discarded.
    (N.B. The rear side trim panels are replaced as part of the hard top conversion kit, so it is not necessary to re-fit the auto cut-off roof switch to the new panel.)
    ap1 roof.

    Warranty Cover

    The warranty period for the hard top conversion is equal to either the remainder of the warranty period for which the vehicle itself is valid OR one year from the date of purchase, whichever is longer.
    ap1 roof1.PNG


    The hard top warranty is valid from the time that the required information has been entered into the designated boxes on the Accessory registration section of the owners Service record and the dealership has affixed their corporate stamp.

    Warranty Categorization.

    The warranty should be categorized as Parts Warranty when a claim is submitted. Commission and hand over to the customer. Please pay particular attention to the fitting instructions and follow them in order. Ensure that the car is road tested prior to fitting the internal trims as slight adjustments may be necessary to the roof, for example, if wind noise is audible. In the event wind noise is present pay particular attention to the section in the fitting instructions relating to the adjustment of the roof, seals and windows. Wherever possible try to avoid adjustment of the door window glass as this may in turn present problems when using the soft top. It is quite possible that wind noise may initially be heard from the rear of the door windows as the seal/trim is set to the central adjustment position during assembly.

    Any noise from this area should easily be overcome by adjustment of this side window rear seal/trim (please refer to the fitting instructions).
    When handing over the vehicle to the customer be sure that the owners manual accompanies the new roof
    and advise them of the following:
    • The correct procedure for fitting and removing of the hard top. – refer to hard top owners manual.
    • The correct procedure for setting the alarm and disabling the ultrasonic function (if required) (see details above)
    • The correct method for storing the roof when it is removed – refer to hard top owners manual.