Bulletins & Advisories Honda S2000-Rear Bumper Setting Clips Loose

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    Honda have issued the following TSB#HUK000000000192 dated 29-09-03 for all AP1 produced in model year 2000 MY00.

    The rear bumper is not securely fastened and feels loose on the both sides. This symptom may appear after continued high speed driving.

    Wind pressure and vibration can cause the resin retaining clips to wear and detach.

    The resin retaining clip has been changed to a self tapping screw with new style grommet.

    Application to Production Line
    Affected VIN Range
    JHMAP1***YT000001 - JHMAP1***YT005092

    Repair Method

    Replace the resin clip and grommet with new self tapping screw and new grommet on both sides of the rear bumper.
    Ap1 image.
    Parts Information
    Self tapping screw : 90105-S2A-000 (2 required per car)
    Bumper grommet : 90106-S2A-013 (2 required per car)