Bulletins & Advisories Honda S2000 Recall-Seat Belt Does Not Extend From Retractor

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    Honda have issued TSB# HUK000000000035 dated 20-03-2003 for all AP1 for the model year 2000 MY00

    Honda Motor Company Ltd., have determined it necessary to conduct a product safety recall in order to rectify a
    potential concern with the seat belts of certain Honda S2000 models.

    Under certain conditions, the seat belt retractor may be kept in the locked position and the seat belt webbing cannot
    be pulled out as originally intended. In such cases it is not possible to use the seat belt.

    Under certain driving conditions (i.e. hard acceleration or hard braking, or if the vehicle is parked on an acute incline),
    the seat belt G-sensor is designed to lock the seat belt retractor.
    If the seat belt is pulled while the retractor is locked, the actuator is held in the locked position under tension.
    If left in this locked position under tension, in a high temperature, high humidity environment for several hours, the
    plastic actuator could become deformed.
    If this does occur the seat belt will remain locked.

    The shape of the actuator has been changed to prevent this scenario occurring.
    Application to Production Line

    Affected VIN Range
    ***AP1***YT000308 - ***AP1***YT006508
    ***AP1***YT200001 - ***AP1***YT201101

    Corrective Action
    Replace the seat belt G-sensors using the repair kit detailed in Parts Information

    Market Treatment
    All owners of vehicles within the affected VIN range will receive a notification letter.Dealers must replace the seat belt G-sensors of affected vehicles.
    All affected vehicles will be repaired free of charge to the owner.Please ensure ALL unsold units are checked, and if necessary repaired prior to delivery.
    This applies to sales of all new and used affected units.

    Repair Method
    Replace the G-sensors in both seat belt retractors
    • Make sure that you get the radio code and radio station settings before disconnecting the battery.
    • Always turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the negative cable from the battery, and wait at least 3 minutes before beginning work in the seat belt retractor area.
    • If a seat belt is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced

    Parts Information
    Repair Kit: 04814-S2A-307 ( one per car)