Autocar Honda S2000 reinterpreted for Tokyo Auto Salon

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    A new version of the discontinued Honda S2000 will be among the stars of Honda's stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon next weekA new interpretation of the Honda S2000 is among models to be shown at next week’s Tokyo Auto Salon by Honda.
    The Honda S2000 Modulo Climax features what Honda describes as a “cutting edge design and a chic interior”. It is understood that modifications to the show car are purely cosmetic.
    Changes include a chrome blade running across the front grille which incorporates LED daytime running lights, a new vented rear bumper and bootlid-mounted corner winglets.
    Honda has also prepared several modified versions of the Honda N-One kei car, including two Mugen versions featuring revised styling. It is not known if the 3-cylinder engine has been tweaked.
    Other models include a pair of Honda N Box models, a Mugen CR-V design study, a CR-V-based concept and two race cars from the Japanese Super GT series.