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    Honda never sold the AP2 engine (2157cc) in Europe, check Wikipedia, I have had an 03 & current 09 reg. both plated AP1 i.e. 1997cc capacity.

    Essentially four series AP1 were produced for Europe:

    Series One: 1999 with 16 inch wheels. In 2002 plastic rear window replaced by glass heated one & some engine mods.

    Series Two: 2004 with multi spoke 17 inch wheels & suspension mods.

    Series Three: 2007 with multi spoke 17 inch wheels & VTEC introduction stage smoothed in.

    Series Four: 2008 with five spoke 17 inch wheels, major suspension mods. & VSA.

    In 2009 a special final run out 100GT version was introduced (only 100 for UK) which was white in colour but mechanically same as Series Four.

    If over-reeved by changing down a gear at too higher speed & thereby negating the rev limiter an AP2 engine is likely to drop a valve & destroy the engine.

    If same situation occurs with an AP1 engine the valve collars may stretch or crack & engine failure is not inevitable according to posts on S2KI site. When valve clearances were checked on my current S2000 I asked for condition of valve collars to be carefully inspected for any sign of abuse by previous lady owner & none were found.
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    Good post dude :Hey: its this type of owners experience which counts the most.
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    I never knew that about the AP2.
    I have always referred to the later version of the 2sk as the AP2 - I guess I was wrong
    Nice one :Hey: