ICE & HFT Honda Satellite DVD Navigation Disc Information- With Voice Recognition

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    This is frequently asked question with limited or a detailed point of definitive information. I hope this thread brings that to an end. This is also applicable to all other Honda cars without voice recognition (HFT system).


    The Latest disc at the time of this post is 2012 (v. 3.60) for vehicles with Voice Recognition (Black & White disc) Honda genuine part number 08A42-1J6-040.


    This DVD is Compatibility with the following Honda vehicles.
    • Honda Accord Saloon & Tourer 2006 onwards on the 7th and 8th Generation.
    • Honda Civic 3/5dr 2004 -2005
    • Honda CR-V 2002 -2006
    • Honda FR-V 2004 -2008
    • Honda Jazz 2004 - 2006
    This DVD covers the following countries.

    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (incl Monaco), Germany, Ireland,
    Italy (incl San Marino, Vatican city), Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway,
    Portugal, Spain (incl Andorra, Gibraltar), Sweden, Switzerland (incl
    Liechtenstein), United Kingdom.

    The Point of Interests within this DVD
    • Airport
    • Amusement Park
    • Atm
    • Bank
    • Bookstore
    • Border Crossing
    • Bowling
    • Bus Station
    • Business Facility
    • Casino
    • Cemetery
    • Cinema
    • City Hall
    • Civic Community Centre
    • Clothing Store
    • Coffee Shop
    • Commuter Rail Station
    • Consumer Electronics Store
    • Convenience Store
    • Convention Exhibition
    • County Council
    • Court House
    • Department Store
    • Embassy
    • Ferry Terminal
    • Golf Course
    • Grocery Store
    • Hamlet
    • Higher Education
    • Historical Monument
    • Home Improvement & Hardware Store
    • Home Speciality Store
    • Hospital
    • Hotel
    • Ice Skating
    • Industrial Zone
    • Library
    • Marina
    • Medical Services
    • Motorcycle Dealership
    • Museum
    • Named Place
    • Neighbourhood
    • Night Life
    • Office Supply & Service Store

    If your Honda dealer is unable to give you the answers you looking for you can go to Navteq Online Store

    On the left corner of the page select >built in factory installed >select Honda>Select your Honda Vehicle> select your year> select in the box that will tell you the current DVD version.
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  2. The 2012 Version is only available through Navteq at this time.
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    The Honda dealer will be able to get them too , I can see why not. I was meant to enquire with HH but willl do tomorrow.

    I have a big order to place
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    You always have a big order to place! It's like Tesco's when you go in there! :Smile:
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    its all about them loyalty points..
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    A commonly asked question what updates have been incorporated in the new 3.70 sat nav disc? members would like to know what changes were made and if you get your money worth.

    Coverage Statistics
    Kilometres of Road 7,359,155 (+161 248)
    Road Coverage 79.67%
    Number of POI 3,791,562 (+786 763)
    Address Range Coverage 88.72%
    Dealer POI's 1,504

    Coverage Area
    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,Finland, France (incl Monaco), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (incl San Marino, Vatican city), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain (incl Andorra,Gibraltar), Sweden, Switzerland (incl Liechtenstein), United Kingdom.

    Honda Accord Saloon & Tourer 1/2006 -
    Honda Civic 3/5dr 1/2006 -
    Honda Civic 4dr IMA 1/2008 -
    Honda CR-V 1/2007 -
    Honda Legend 1/2006 -

    Release Highlights
    Map Updates include new roads, junctions, by-passes and motorway exits and millions of other changes.Each road segment features up to 260 attributes - such as the number of lanes or one way systems -which also need to be updated along with the extensive list of Point of Interest. For example, in this new Europe update more than 42.000 roundabouts, more than 360.000 street names and 59.000 turn restrictions have been added or amended.Furthermore 24.000 updated and added one way streets and 1.200 updated and added sections of motorways will improve the accuracy and safety of your routing.

    Bypasses and motorway sections such as on: A20, A40, B169, B67,B2, B3, B13, B73, B399, B54, B248, B221
    A4: the 22km long section around the mountainous area Hörselberge near Eisenach
    A40: the reconstruction of the "Anschlussstelle Gelsenkirchen Süd"
    A39/A391: the recontruction of the Autobahndreieck Braunschweig-Südwest
    the 10.4 km long section connecting the A92 and A94
    A1: the motorway exit "Anschlussstelle Flughafen Münster/Osnabrück

    New bypasses and motorway sections, such as on: A35, A26, D316, N19, D1004, D900, D941, D643, N33, N59, D771, D802
    The connection between A41 and D1201 at Seynod
    The highway connector between A1 and A2
    A23/A2: the highway connection of the A23 and A2 at La Sentinelle
    A65: a 150 km long section has been added
    A75: A new section of 9 kilometers, completing the connection Clermont-Ferrand - Beziers and improves the routing onto the A9

    New bypasses and motorway sections such as on: A1, A46, A55, A605, A628, A6021
    The extension of the A6192 now bypassing Staveley
    The Llandysul bypass to improve the accessibility to and from the A48 and the M4
    The new Howard Street Bridge
    A46: routing now continues over the M40 and bypasses the Longbridge, junction 15
    Metro and Cribbs Causeway shopping centers: improved navigation to entrances, car parks and stores within the shopping centres as well updated routing to/out of the areas

    Fiera di Verona (Verona fair) and Fiera di Padova (Padova Fair): Entrances, Parking lots and routing
    to/out of the area have been updated
    Malpensa Airport: the airport as well as the surrounding POIs and roads have been added/updated
    the big shopping centers CAMPANIA and LA REGGIA outlet have been added
    the connection between SP11 and SP590
    new ramp connecting G.R.A. and A1Dir, toward Firenze
    new ramp connecting G.R.A. and A91, toward Fiumicino Airport
    the ring road at SantAgata di Militello (MESSINA)
    new bypasses and motorway sections at: Sovramonte, Rozzano, Faenza-Alfonsine, Navelli, Catania,
    Perarolo di Cadore

    N-332: a section of 25 kilometers between Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada
    N-403/M-501: new connectivity between road N-403 and road M-501 between Madrid and Ávila
    Malaga airport: T3 airport Terminal has been added. Enhanced navigation to parkings and bus
    stations as well as improved routing to/out of the airport area
    A-75: a section of 12km has been added at Verín (Ourense)
    A-40: 72 kms of new motorway has been added between Campos del Paraiso (Cuenca) and Tarancón (Cuenca) the 2º Cinturón de Donostia has been added new bypasses and motorway sections such as on: A-8, A-58, A-66, M-811 , CL-629, CM-3124,
    N-232, NA-6810

    new ramps on knooppunt Lankhorst
    A73 -zuid Tunnels in Gemeente Roermond
    N352: additional lanes has been added to increase capacity and improve the connection at Velperbroek
    A2: the reconstruction between Junction 'Knooppunt Deil' and Knooppunt Vianen, including new lanes

    United Kingdom had over 181226 new POI added to the disc :Wink: and over a 500,000 Point of Interest Categories in the whole of europe.

    Need convincing the updates are no more
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    Is this still 2 disc or is it all on one disc?
    If It's all on 1disc then I will buy it.
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    Don't know navteq website says one but I can't see all that info fitting on a 8GB DVD. can the 3.70 owners please confirm?
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    if it any comfort the 9th Generation Accord like the Civic will revive a HDD hard drive update . The Civic update part number is 08A42-1R6-100 £135.00 slightly cheaper but does away with disc media and the need to swap it.