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    Well done Honda to take this initiative to get new riders on bikes. No one else does this .!! :GoodJob:

    Press Release from Honds UK

    Honda (UK) is to launch its first four licensed motorcycle training centres this month as part of a new initiative, the ‘Honda School of Motorcycling’.

    Four Honda motorcycle dealers in the South of England are to become the first to offer training on-premises, under license from Honda (UK) and authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA).

    - 21st Moto – Swanley, Kent
    - Belle Vue Motorcycles – Southend-on-Sea, Essex
    - P&H Motorcycles – Crawley, West Sussex
    - Doble Motorcycles – Coulsdon, Surrey

    The Honda School of Motorcycling will provide courses for all levels of rider; offering CBT, conversion courses, refresher training and full licence qualification. Dedicated Honda-trained instructors will deliver unique customer-orientated programmes, aiming to make training professional and safe, yet relaxed and enjoyable. All training will be of the highest standard, approved by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and will be carried out in dedicated areas close to the dealership, using bikes no more than 12 months old and with high-quality equipment and clothing provided.The new initiative has been structured to offer customers a seamless and hassle-free booking experience via a central call centre, where experienced motorcycle professionals will give specialist advice on which course is best suited to their needs. Booking, payment, and confirmation is also handled centrally, with a fast and efficient system for maximum convenience.

    Simon Herbert, Manager – Business Planning of Honda (UK) comments:
    “Our dealerships are the face of Honda to our customers, so what better place to offer the highest standards of training in a professional and reassuring environment? Whether a new, returning or current rider, we want to make training an easy and enjoyable experience and part of the journey towards getting on, getting back on or stepping up.”

    The Honda School of Motorcycling is part of both Honda (UK)’s and the wider industry’s drive to make it easier for new riders to start their journey into motorcycling, and for inactive riders to return. Figures reveal a total of 1.2 million active riders yet five million licence holders in the UK; pointing to nearly four million lapsed riders and close to 50 million adults in the UK who are yet to experience the many benefits of holding a motorcycle licence. The Honda School of Motorcycling will be rolled out nationally in the coming months, with a target of 40 licensed Honda School of Motorcycling centres within the next two years.
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    It's a good initiative by Honda to increase Honda bike sales, let's not kid ourselves it's anything other than this. In my opinion, any formal training on how to survive being a motorcyclist is always good in my book.
    I would have massive respect for Honda if they extended this to educate the car drivers to be more aware of motorcycles and the vulnerability they have on our roads. I have witnessed too many occasions where car drivers are dismissive of bikers and simply don't see them or be aware of them.
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    bang on dude...All car drivers need to have compulsory basic training on a 125CC bike for atleast a months before getting into the car. That way we will see better driving standards and observation skills not to mention refined road craft.
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    Agree too.

    When you've been on a bike, you are far better tuned in at READING the road and anticipating what the muppet car/van driver will do !
    It will definitely help many.

    The problem is that not everyone can use the grey matter they were born with.
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    As somebody who has never even been on a bike, I'd consider doing some basic training if it would help my driving/awareness.

    Motorcycles | Honda (UK)

    ^^This looks like it could be fun. Although as a total novice, I think I'd feel like a bit of a fool every time I fell off :Blushing:
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    Good call by Honda, too many rip and rev nutters out there coming from back street CBT trainers profiting from regulation and issuing the ticket without educating them on the perils, and just making sure they can ride around a cone without falling off. Which lets face it, it's an every day occurrence, NOT lol.

    More eduction of car drivers is need too, but I believe the frustration of the countries road infrastructure leads to stress and therefore unnecessary maneuvers (sp) cause by frustration. (in Ben Elton style, ooo a bit of politics there).