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    hi all got my son converted to honda from audi and he is buying a r type Civic this has a full honda service record is there anyway of getting proof from honda that the details,milage etc is a printout available and does he need to go to the honda dealer in question or would any dealer be able to supply it?
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    If you call up Honda with the REG they can check on there system and print it out. I've done this too as one of my service stamps was missing but had actually been done.
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    Any dealership connected to the network will be able to give you a print out of work completed at all dealerships. However this information is very high level and basic. It's limited to mileage, date, a very generic description of work completed, and the name of the dealership which completed the work. If however you then contact the dealership stated which did the work they will be able to give you a very detailed list of the work completed on their computer.
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