In-Depth Honda Service Reminder System (SvRS) - FAQ

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    This article is to give answers to the basic question on how to interpret what the screen instructions mean and to answer a few FAQ. This is also to give an insight this system has intelligence to anticipate the varying conditions it encounters.
    Service Interval Calculation
    The service interval for each item is calculated based on the distance covered and time passed since the last service was carried out. The system calculates the average annual mileage and determines which is shown to the driver of the car. In case of high mileage drivers (more than 12'000miles per year) the indicator will show remaining miles. In case of low mileage drivers (less than 12'000miles per year) it will show remaining days.

    An example of how this calculation is made
    SvRS HK1.JPG

    1. What is the purpose of the service reminder system?
    Through monitoring the owners usage and driving habits as well as the current condition of the vehicle, the vehicle automatically judges an appropriate service timing to achieve convenience and potential cost reduction for users. Moreover, this system contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

    2. When will I need to bring my car in for service?
    The multi-information display(i-MID) will advise you when the service timing is near.

    3. Where will I find the code?
    The code is displayed on the Multi-information display (i-MID). To see the service reminder information display, turn the ignition switch to ON (II) position. Press the Sel/RESET button on the steering wheel until the service reminder information appears.

    4. What does the code mean?
    All the service items displayed on the multi-information display are in code (A, B,
    2 through 9). For an explanation of the codes, refer to the Service Book that comes with your car. Alternatively search for the codes on AOC using the search function, they can be found in the 8th Generation Section.

    5. How long will it be before I need to come back again?
    Once your vehicle has been serviced, the Service Reminder system on the Multi-information display will be reset. The Service Reminder system will now show the estimated distance or time before your next service is due.
    6. How does my car know when it needs servicing?
    The onboard computer in your vehicle calculates the remaining distance or time before your next service needs to be performed based on engine operating conditions and engine oil conditions The multi-information display will advise you when the service timing is near.

    7. The remaining distance on the Service Reminder appears to decrease more rapidly than the distance on the odometer increases. Is this normal?
    In cases where the remaining distance on the Service Reminder decreases more rapidly than the distance on the odometer increases, the distance remaining to the next engine oil replacement is shown. This happens because the life of the oil is calculated based on the driving conditions under which the car is used, and is normal.

    8. Since the remaining distance is a guide (i.e., will vary based on driving habits), when should I have my oil changed?
    The Service Reminder indicator is designed to provide plenty of leeway, so please visit your dealer as recommended by the Service Reminder.

    9. Why does it work that way?
    The Engine Oil Deterioration Detection System is designed to inform a user of the optimal timing for changing engine oil. Some drivers may go as far as 18,000 miles between oil changes in a petrol powered vehicle,(12,000 miles for Diesel).The distance driven between oil changes will vary, however, based on the driving conditions under which the vehicle is used. For example, oil will continue to deteriorate while a vehicle is idling even though no distance is driven. Driving conditions such as this have a major effect on the life of the oil, and a user should be aware that the rate at which the remaining distance on the service reminder decreases is affected by driving conditions.
    10. If I follow the Service Reminder recommendation, I have to change my oil more often than under the Honda fixed maintenance schedule. Doesn’t this mean that something is wrong with my car?
    The Service Reminder recommendation for oil changes is designed to maintain optimal engine performance (including power and noise as well as oil and fuel consumption) at all times. There are cases where the Service Reminder recommendation for oil changes is more frequent than the conventional fixed
    maintenance schedule; however, there are also users who will find that the Service Reminder recommendation is actually less frequent. That is why we strongly recommend that our members follow the Service Reminder recommendation in order to keep their vehicle in good operating condition for the
    full life of the vehicle.

    11. How long will it take to service my car?
    The time taken to service your vehicle will depend on the code displayed on the Multi information display.

    12. What happens if I don't bring my car in for service at the indicated time?
    If the service is not carried out after the remaining time or distance reaches 0, the multi-information display interrupts the current display and shows a negative value and an amber message "SERVICE OVERDUE". Failure to have the vehicles serviced at this time could result in reduced performance, fuel efficiency and lead to serious mechanical problems and may affect your warranty.
    13. What should I do if I am planning to travel abroad with my car?
    If you are planning to take your vehicle abroad, and the Multi information display indicates that service is due (or may be due while abroad), please contact your local Honda dealer prior to setting off.
    14. What if the car tells me it needs a service while I am driving abroad ?
    If the time or distance you will be travelling whilst abroad makes it necessary to have your vehicle serviced in that country, contact a local Honda Dealer who will be able to help you.
    15. What happens if I am planning to move abroad with my vehicle?
    The service reminder system is available in most European countries. Refer to you service booklet for a list of applied countries or contact your local Honda Dealer. If you are moving outside the applied countries, consult your dealer on how to record your service reminder information and schedule your maintenance service under the conditions of that country. Please ask your dealer to get the service schedule on your vehicle.

    16. Is this a way of increasing the service cost?
    Many customers base part of their purchase decision on service cost of the vehicle, therefore it is not in Honda's interest to increase the service cost of thier vehicles. The purpose of the Service Reminder system is to remind customers

    Display modes and understanding them?
    When the system detects that maintenance will be due soon, it will display an early notification on the instrument panel upon start-up. This changes into a “Due Now” message at the appropriate interval. The system also has the intelligence to anticipate upcoming needs and display the grouping of service items required.

    See the picture.

    Leasing Companies have been asked for their preference for vehicles at PDI to either have the cars on SvRS or on Fixed servicing.
    Honda UK asked the Leasing Companies to communicate direct with their vehicle suppliers but for reference below is a master list of their requirements.
    Honda dealers have been instructed all the relevant documentation is completed when the cars are taken off SvRS.
    Company Name
    Alphabet (GB) LtdSvRS
    Agnew CorporateFixed
    Arnold ClarkFixed
    Central LeasingSvRS
    Circle Leasing Ltd.SvRS
    CLM Fleet Management PLCSvRS
    Daimler Fleet Management UK LtdSvRS
    Days Contract HireFixed
    Fleethire LtdFixed
    Fleet FinancialFixed
    Fulton Leasing LtdSvRS
    GE Commercial Finance - Fleet ServicesSvRS
    GKL LeasingFixed
    Grosvenor ContractsSvRS
    Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions LtdFixed
    Inchcape Fleet SolutionsSvRS
    ING Car Lease - BracknellFixed
    Interactive Fleet ManagementSvRS
    JCT 600 Contracts LtdSvRS
    Leasedrive Velo LtdSvRS
    LeasePlan UK LtdSvRS
    Lex Autolease - HeathsideFixed
    Lombard Vehicle ManagementSvRS
    Lookers LeasingSvRS
    Marshall LeasingSvRS
    MNH Platinum LimitedSvRS
    Motiva Vehicle Contracts LtdFixed
    Ogilvie Fleet LtdSvRS
    Pendragon Contracts LtdSvRS
    Ryan VehiclesSvRS
    Sandicliffe Motor ContractsSvRS
    SG Fleet UK LtdSvRS
    Sinclair Finance & Leasing LtdSvRS
    Southern Motor Contracts LtdSvRS
    TCH Leasing Ltd.SvRS
    Thistle Vehicle LeasingSvRS
    Toomey Eurolease LtdFixed
    Toomey OpticarSvRS
    Tusker LimitedSvRS
    Venson Automotive Solutions LtdSvRS
    Volkswagen Group LeasingSvRS
    Wayside LeasingSvRS
    Windsor Vehicle Leasing LtdSvRS
    Woodfield FacilitiesSvRS
    Zenith Vehicle ContractsSvRS
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    I need a 8th Generation to prove some of the concepts before I wrote the article..:Wink: No point in doing something when you can verify it nor is it accurate.
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    Well its your call really you can get the car service earlier or go over and the warning will come up.Get it serviced before your go.
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    I might be ok.SvRS showing 280 days.(2) but I will do close to 4000 to 4500 miles in 3 weeks
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