Autocar Honda shows new Jazz in official photos

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    honda fit (1). New Jazz will go on sale in Japan this September Honda has released the first official photos of its new Jazz.
    The car, which will go on sale in Japan this september, will include a hybrid version making use of a 1.5-litre engine together with an eletric motor. A seven-speed dual clutch gearbox is expected.
    The new Jazz also makes use of three driving modes, selectable by the driver and labelled EV, hybrid and engine. That means the new Jazz will be able to run on electric power alone for some journeys. This set-up reportedly means the new Jazz will be capable of 102.8mpg.
    Styling wise, the car appears to have taken cues from the 2012 Insight, especially around the front light cluster. Honda has yet to reveal pricing information, as well as when the car might be on sale in the UK.

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    Must admit, I really like the new styling. I'd been trying to convince the step-mother to go for a Jazz for her new car, she's fairly settled on a Civic at the moment. This looks seriously good for the lowest in the range.