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    After some clarification

    Removed some JURID J632 pads from my Accord Type-R and fitted some Mintex MDB1543 pads but the inside pads don't fit properly and move forward under hard breaking. Replaced Shims but they still move??

    What models use the Jurid J632 pads?
    is this the part number ( J632 )?

    On Googling I find these pads used in USDM AP2 S2000 and USDM Honda Jazz

    Please help as it is doing my head in..........
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    Hi simo,

    I use ATR pads on my 7th Generation so luckily have some spares new pads in the garage and can confirm the pads are Jurid J632.

    I doubt they will be the same as S2000 and GD1 they are different, but Jurid so make OEM pads.

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