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    DSC_0003.JPG Following a bit of research over a set of wheels and tires I have up for exchange in the site Market place I thought I might share my findings with you.

    I had previously wondered what they were called, but did not pursue it that much.

    I have discovered these wheels are called 17 inch Technics they were a factory fitted option on order.As they were of a limited run they are now deleted, but OEM from from HACE ( Honda Accessory Europe.

    The original part code 2004 for them was 17" EM-9RR ACCORD WHEELS.

    However they are still obtainable .I have been in touch with Lings ( many thanks to Mark Denny ) and have received this information today.

    Ok, I have pricing, 1 wheel is £272.38 including carriage and VAT
    4 unsurprisingly, would be £1068.67
    They would not be supplied with hub caps which are sold separately for £12.42 each.
    Best regards

    So very similar to price as new factory fitted option.

    I have seen the hub centre "H" offered on various US websites in either chrome or gold, but do not known if the colour option is available here.

    The wheel code via lings is 08W17SMG601ER1

    The centre hubs 08W17-SEA-6M0C2

    Both would need confirming with them before ordering .


    PS If mods feel the need to stick this anywhere for reference, please do so.
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    I have a complete set of these.
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    In a word, Yes.

    They are not an unusual wheel and Honda have them in stock.
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