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    Hi all
    Having a Honda Civic in 2008 (Type-S GT) as a company car, I loved the way it drove and handled with a sweet diesel engine. I am now no longer a company driver so have to buy my own car! Lol, always fancied a CR-V so that is now my daily drive.
    Not got of to the greatest of starts through as it's in the garage getting a new turbo fitted, I've only owned the car 3 weeks so it is luckily a warranty job, the car is a 2009 model ictd with 82000 miles and full service history so hopefully this is just a blip.
    Are turbo problems a common fault with this model or mileage? Hopefully the start of a long and fun filled relationship.
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    Hi Paul - :welcome: to HK. It's good to see a newbie from my old home town joining THE only club for all things Honda! Hope your turbo problem is sorted and you have many years of trouble free motoring. They are great cars!
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda: KARMA
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Paulyb44 :welcome:

    The CR-V is a great car, but I believe the I-CTDI engine is sensitive to regular servicing, always with the correct oil and genuine Honda filters etc.

    That said, hopefully your turbo issue is sorted properly (God bless warranties!) and then you can really start to enjoy your car.

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    welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Thanks for the welcome guys, unfortunately my car is still in the workshop, has been since Wednesday! I'm promised it back tomorrow, we'll see
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    I had to have the turbo reconditioned on my CR-V also, I believe they sent it away to a specialist. Came to the conclusion that it probably didn't get very many oil changes previously. Lovely once done though.