Brochures & Promo Honda to bring hydrogen-powered FCV to market in 2016

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    Japanese manufacturer confirms FCX successor will arrive in two years time in its home market, with European sales to follow

    Honda has revealed a new iteration of its next-generation Fuel Cell Vehicle concept in Japan, ahead of a planned on-sale date in March 2016.

    The Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that sales of the model in the US and Europe will follow, though has yet to set a date.

    The successor to Honda's first Hydrogen fuel cell-powered model, the FCX Clarity, the FCV was last seen as an early-stage concept at last year's LA motor show. This version, which looks closer to production, has lost some of the concept car styling frills of the previous model - most notably its rear wheel covers.

    Power for the FCV comes from an electric motor which is capable of providing more than 134bhp, while power density has been increased by 60 per cent over that of the FCX. The fuel stack size has also been reduced by 33 per cent.

    Honda has previously claimed the FCV is the first car of its type to feature the entire fuel cell powertrain packaged within the engine bay.

    The firm says the FCV should provide a driving range of around 300 miles, and can be re-fuelled from hydrogen filling station in between 3-5 minutes.

    It's little surprise that Honda plans to sell its FCV in the UK, as the firm recently opened its own hydrogen filling station in Swindon. The solar-powered facility is capable of producing 20 tonnes of hydrogen per year, and is aimed at kick-starting an infrastructure for hydrogen-powered cars in this country, as part of the government's UKH2Mobility scheme.

    The FCV will face competition from Toyota's own fuel-cell vehicle, which carries the Mirai name and will arrive in Europe next Summer, as well as Hyundai's hydrogen-powered ix35.

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    wow really we didn't know that Autocar.. what we going to do OMG breaking news.
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    Give them a chance @Ichiban. That press release would have been buried under a mountain of issues, recalls and complaints about certain other brands.
    The poor things can only do so much in a day. :overtired:
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