Autocar Honda to cut 800 UK jobs

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    The announcement follows what Honda describes as "sustained conditions of low demand in European markets". Honda hs announced it will cut 800 jobs from its UK operations by this spring. It describes the moves as necessary in order to ensure the long-term stability of its future business.

    "Honda remains fully committed for the long-term to its UK and European manufacturing operations,” said Ken Keir, Executive Vice President, Honda Motor Europe. "However, these conditions of sustained low industry demand require us to take difficult decisions. We are setting the business constitution at the right level to ensure long term stability and security.”

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    11 Jan, 2013 Honda has announced it will cut 800 jobs at its Swindon plant, due to poor sales across Europe

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    Honda to axe 800 jobs in Swindon

    Japanese car giant Honda is to cut 800 jobs at its UK factory after a slump in demand across Europe. mf.

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    Honda to axe 800 jobs in Swindon as demand slumps

    Japanese car giant Honda is to cut 800 jobs at its UK factory after a slump in demand across Europe, marking the first time it has cut British jobs. mf.

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    Honda job cuts a 'hammer blow' to industry

    Britain's biggest union has struck out at Honda's decision to slash 800 jobs in the UK, calling it a "hammer blow" to manufacturing. mf.

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    Honda job cuts a 'hammer blow' to industry

    A sad day for Honda. Does this place the Accord further at risk here?
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    The reason outline by Honda Europe is flagging sales in Europe, you just have to type into Google and see Hyundai and Kia have had a killer 2012 despiste the TOUGH economic climate.

    Honda have had a tough time of their own with the Japanese earthquake and Thailand flood which left their factories without parts, where the Koreans and Germans have had no such issues and they picked up the overflow.

    Honda never thought of restructuring their models during this stage and went on with the sale of expensive car who nobody wants .. only UK markets wants these expensive Honda they have failed to adapt and give what the customers really want "Value"

    Car Warranty
    Car Price
    Car Availability

    These three things are stopping Honda being successful in the current market place.

    Honda need to own up and take the flak and tell their employees we got it wrong. Now come out and address and move on, I just pity anyone buying a brand new Swindon made car now,you reckon they will be fault free when you are going to lose your job...

    As for the Accord the future it can look bright if the Japanese board tell them we are calling the shots now and not Europe any more.
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    I think Honda Japan NEED to step in now before it's too late! The Korean boom shows that the tough climate can be overcome - whether by pricing or offering something that the Customer actually wants (desirablity can do a lot to override cost factors).

    How many people can actually say they desire a Swindon made Honda (perceived quality issues aside if they can be put aside)? I love Honda but honestly I cannot say that I want a Civic, Jazz or new CR-V they just have zero appeal to me. Yes maybe I am a biased Accord fan but the fact is the Accord is the only current Honda model that has any appeal to me (perhaps CR-Z but that is a niche car). This lack of appeal cannot just be something I perceive alone others must be the same. The fact is that Honda Europe and UK have got it massively wrong. When I saw 9th Generation Civic I hoped it would grow on me but it hasn't. It looks awkward from some angles especially the rear view like "I think we've missed something.... No we haven't.... Yes we have, I know... the tail lights!!!" They do look as an add on afterthought! The 8th Generation also looks a more modern car! The fact remains people want Koran cars - much less so in the case of Honda no one really wants them at the moment! :Sobbing:A heavy refresh of a 6 year old car just isn't suffcient these days. 9th Generation Civic should have been new from the ground up and for pity's sake ditch the rear torsion beam suspension. Independant is expected these days on a car of Civic class and above. Mid 90s Civics had independent rear suspension so to offer torsion beam as ont he last two Civics is a MASSIVE retrograde step!

    Inexcusable lack of promotion and advertising is also a major factor! Hondas do sell themselves somewhat but in the face of aggressive onslaught from Korea they have stolen a massive march on Honda and taken a large market share from them.

    Honda the time has come to hold your hands up.

    Ditching the Accord will only drive more custom (and certainly mine) away!

    Hope I don't look as if I'm just slagging Honda off. It's just a fan's constructive criticism. I'd like to think we can help them if they'd only listen to (and ask) us!
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    Honda's UK boss warns Britain must stay at heart of EU as it cuts 800 jobs

    EXCLUSIVE: Britain must retain a leading position within the European Union or face damaging economic consequences and risk losing valuable investment, the head of Honda in the UK has warned. mf.