Official Honda Honda to Engage in Industry-Wide Third-Party Airbag Inflator Research Effort

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    Company urges other automakers to join comprehensive testing initiative Asks Takata to provide existing test data Honda today called for coordinated, industry-wide, third-party testing of Takata airbag inflators with the goal of ensuring that all of the inflators that require replacement are accurately identified and fixed as quickly as possible. “We believe that the industry can achieve greater results by sharing information and putting its collective efforts behind the same objective th...

    Source: Honda World News
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    deflection DOT com its has solicitor's laced spiel all over that pubic statement, aka covering your back side DOT com.

    Come on you have caught stealing cookies out if the jar now want the wider audience to do wasn't me your honour.

    @John Dickson & @Nels say I didn't tell you two risk adverse public statements will be made now.. this is just the start.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    You're spot on @Ichiban.
    It's not the first time I've seen a big company do this type of thing.
    I had always hoped that Honda were better than this. :Frown: