Optional Extras Honda Tourer Genuine Sunshades

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    Hi all
    Has anyone else had trouble with the clips that come with these sunshades falling off within a few weeks ??
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Yes I encountered this initially when I had them on my 7th Generation., Firstly I didn't clean the painted surface with a alcohol wipe, secondly I did not give sufficient time for the adhesive to adhere. I put the shades on the second they were stuck.

    So for the remedial action I gave the pillar a mild scuffing with a scoring pad (don't go giddy ) as the scoring will be visible, cleaned the area thoroughly and then reapply the clips with fresh double sticky tape. I left them overnight and the problem has never happened.

    Additionally you have to follow the instruction to the letter and get the placement of the clips inch perfect, if you place them anywhere else they will pop off .

    If people would like the installation instruction please let me know I can stick them up here after I have scanned the docs:Thumbup:
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    I bought these a few months ago, and as stupid as this sounds, I have one trick that makes adhesion a little better. After using the supplied adhesive wipe, I rubbed the area with talcum powder to increase dryness of the surface. Let it dry and then instead of using the supplied Honda sticky pads, I had some proper hardcore 3M industrial sticky backed pads, cut those to shape and used those instead,

    They havent moved an inch.

    And I usually have my rear blinds out every week to clean the rear screen. and they go right back just as mother nature intended. :Smile: