Aftermarket Kit Honda towbar woes

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by caravanman, Monday 7th Mar, 2016.

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    United Kingdom mick sheffield
    Hi again, following the trouble I had with Gilders Chesterfield re my Honda warranty I've now got grief over a new towbar.
    I asked in writing for a fixed flange towbar with 7 pin electrics and was quoted a special price of £460 all in due to the earlier troubles. When the service department called to arrange the booking I went to great lengths to explain about the drop plate for the blade stabiliser ( I have it ) and emphasised the importance of them fitting a fixed flange towbar. Took it up today to get it done and there's a swan neck towbar waiting to be fitted. The service department tells me that Honda don't do a fixed flange towbar, only the swan neck and removableversions , so I need to know if they are telling porkies.
    Does anyone know if Honda can supply a fixed flange towbar to their main dealers ?
    If they don't then Gilders service department could have saved me a lot of trouble by saying so and I would have booked elsewhere.
    regards Mick
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    United Kingdom Andy Surrey
    Looking at the CR-V accessory brochure it would appear that Honda don't do flanged Towbars.

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