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    England Tom Royston
    Just noticed that when searching for a Honda Dealer they give results for customer satisfaction for service, must be only manufacturer that does.

    Norton Way Honda at Letchworth score 82% whereas John Banks in Cambridge score 91%. It was John Banks who alerted me to free Honda Brake-down & Recovery if my car was serviced there so I then had to negotiate with Norton Way to get this, also at Norton Way had to have two alignments of Accord redone & when S2000 had valve clearances checked they chipped the red crackle finish on the cam cover. Rear brakes on Accord have also seized after pads & discs replaced by Norton Way only 19months & 5k miles ago, I have complained that work probably was not done thoroughly enough & car in next Monday to be fixed.

    Maybe time to change dealers.

    There is also some feedback on dealers at Google although the Honda results must carry more weight.
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    I believe the results displayed are from the customers after they have had work carried out at the dealership.
    It does serve as a guide.
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    England Tom Royston
    Yes after services I sometimes get a request from Honda to complete a satisfaction survey & every time an invitation from the dealer to comment on the service provided. There are dealers in Scotland with 95% satisfaction ratings & that should be the minimum aimed for by all Honda dealers.
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    It's interesting to go through the dealerships within reach of home. There is a fair old degree of variation. :Fear:
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    Just received a Customer Satisfaction Survey from Honda, by email, after having the Accord MOT'd. Or was it the for the CR-V service 6 weeks ago? Or my wife's Civic recently?

    I filled in all the bits relevant to my local Honda franchise (who are very good as far as I am concerned) but thought you might like to know about some of the other questions/answers.

    Q. How satisfied were you with your dealers Delivery Process? A. I have no idea what this means

    Q. How many times have you visited your local Honda service dealer in the past 12 months? 1-2? 3-4? 5-8? etc A. 5-8. No box to explain this high number so I emailed separately that the car isn't that bad. I actually have 3 Honda's and all need an annual service/MOT etc

    Q. Would you buy another Honda? A. Doubt it. I emailed Honda separately as the questionaire didn't have an extra space to say why or why not. I said it was because their range and designs are not what they used to be

    Q Did you buy your car new? A. Which one?

    I do not generally respond to this sort of marketing tat but did this as a one off

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    England Tom Royston
    Near end of email from Honda survey invitation there is an email address to send more feedback: [email protected]

    I used this email address to elaborate on my survey responses & finally stated:
    Finally, my response to would I buy another Honda the answer was no as no replacements for Accord & S2000. My 2.4EXi Accord is a much nicer car to drive than my wife's 4th Generation 2.0EXi CR-V.

    I did get a vague corporate reply from Honda but nothing on the above statement. However, maybe more members should lobby Honda on this matter using
    [email protected]

    - - - Updated - - -
    System changes lower case "HUK" at start of email address to "HUK" even using full editor?
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    Just had a look at Honda's website.

    I can't find the Customer Satisfaction results any more. Are they still hiding there somewhere?
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