Brushcutter Honda UMS 425LE

Lawn & Garden vehicle added by Ichiban, Friday 29th May, 2015

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    The strimmer arrived today in a big box, quickly opened it to check on the condition. Really quick turn around from Sneddon's direct as the order was placed on Friday afternoon. IMG_2923.JPG

    A few pictures of the Strimmer in the box

    IMG_2925.JPG IMG_2926.JPG IMG_2927.JPG

    Took it out for a closer inspection to find oil leak in the box and scratched air filter cover, not a good start :Frown:

    FullSizeRender(9). FullSizeRender(10). IMG_2941.JPG

    It's clear the strimmer was put through its PDI but the technician doing it didn't do a good job of tighten the oil filler cap or taking care of the casing, I have sent an email to Sneddon's Direct and still awaiting their response. So my advise don't order anything on Friday afternoon everyone is pub o'clock mode. :Frown:

    First task was to get the Strimmer guard on and the handles all pretty starlight forward all held by a few screws.

    IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2940.JPG

    The engine is made in Thailand and the strimmer attachment is made in Honda France. I would take the engines are shipped as units to the French plant and assembled as a unit for the European market.

    The strimmers Factory build sheet and production line codes.
    IMG_2944.JPG IMG_2945.JPG

    A few close up of the engine and holographic tagging to curb counterfeiters.

    IMG_2935.JPG IMG_2936.JPG IMG_2937.JPG IMG_2938.JPG

    With inspection and build done now it was a case of adding fuel and firing up the engine for the first time.Since the engine lost some oil albeit not a lot I drained the engine oil from PDI and changed it giving me piece of mind it had the correct amount.

    So using my favorite oil for Honda motorcycles and the same grade (10w-30) for this engine I changed the oil a tiny 80ml for this 25cc engine.

    IMG_2933.JPG IMG_2934.JPG

    Filled up the small fuel tank with fresh BP ultimate and ran the engine for 10 minutes at idle then another 20 minutes to full throttle. Drained the oil and put fresh engine oil again. That is it the engine is bed in successfully.

    I would like to point out Honda state very clearly in their owners manual to use premium unleaded fuel I wasn't indented to use any other fuel than BP Ultimate but for all those doubters of premium fuel,well put in your pipe and smoke it. :Smile:

    The engine is very quite and the strimmer made light work of the garden edges in minutes, really happy with the purchase and looking forward to use it for years to come as it built to last.
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