Service & Maintenance Honda Warranty for Cars Over 8 Years Old

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    I've been buying a Honda Extended Warranty for my 2006 Accord for the past few years.

    My car is 9 years old in September and I've just renewed the warranty for another year since I've decided to keep the car a bit longer.

    I noticed the warranty document now records the cover as "Maintenance & Care" rather than "Extended Warranty" which I've had to date. The dealer tells me the policy name is changed for cars over 8 years old. The dealer assures me there is little practical difference between the cover offered. Do others agree and have you had any problems claiming on the "Maintenance & Care" warranty?

    I also did not receive any paperwork confirming I have AA Breakdown cover. The dealer told me this is issued separately and has promised to expedite sending me the paperwork. Can someone confirm that you do get full AA Breakdown & Recovery cover with the "Maintenance & Care" policy?
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    Anyone able to help with this query please?
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    I've now received the breakdown / recovery document. There is no mention of Honda Homecare Assistance, European Assistance and no hire car contribution. This appears to be a very inferior policy for cars over 8 years old. I've raised the issue with my Honda dealer to investigate and get a refund since the change in policy conditions was not explained.
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    I doubt they would issue an Extended Warranty for a 8 year old car. It's pretty much a matter of time before elements will start to need more attention, purely because of their age. did you notice any price difference between the Extended Warranty and the Maintenance and Care policies?
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    The price went up from £250 to £300 due to the age of the car. I'm annoyed because nobody explained the T&Cs are different on the policy for older cars. Has anyone claimed on the policy for cars over 8 years old and how good is the cover?
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    My dealer has conformed that the warranty cover on offer for Honda cars over 8 years old is markedly inferior to the Extended Warranty I've had previously. Only the stated mechanical items are covered and there are many exclusions compared to the policy for cars up to 8 years old. There is no home recovery or provision of hire cars. The policy is more expensive with much less cover provided. The advertising by Honda and the dealer failed to point out these significant differences. I'm getting my money back since the policy is poor value for money.
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    Was wondering how you got on with this..
    My engine light came on the other day. . Turned out to be some solenoid boost thing. .All sorted within warranty next day. . Supposedly a 300 quid job.
    My car is 10 years old and the warranty is due to expire next month.
    I have already decided to extend it and looking to take a 3 year period.
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    To ad. .

    The current year come with the car.. Been quoted 285 a year or 680 for 3 years.
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    Plus already have 3.year service and MOT plan with them.
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    Personally, I've not gone down the Extended Warranty route. For me, if I can't fix it, then I'll pay someone that can. :mechanic:
    My Hondas have been so reliable, it works out much cheaper for me like this. Apart from normal servicing and the usual batteries, tyres, brakes etc I only had to replace 1 injector on my CN1 in 10 years ownership. Far less than the cost of these schemes. :money:
    However, my circumstances allow me the time to do this. :multitask: