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    I bought my Accord last March from Holdcroft Honda and as such it came with a 12 month Honda warranty. I've still three months remaining but was wondering if I had an option to extend this for another 12 months. If so does anyone know the costs and if wear and tear can be added. The policy wording I have says "No" under the wear and tear section which intimates it could be possible to include it.

    OR. Should i stick the money in the bank and live without one???
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    You have already had the VSA Modulator changed , Timing chain isn't an issue on the facelift an you have regular oil change regime.

    Clutch never going to be honoured under warranty only thing is manifold you car isn't remapped so it won't die prematurely.

    So I would say you don't need it.
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    I've had the manifold already done as well. I'll stick the money in savings instead :Smile:
  4. Is the exhaust manifold do-able as a DIY job?

    I changed a cracked exhaust manifold on my 4th Generation on my driveway for a second hand one from a breakers using a new gasket from Honda, and the job didn't present any real problems, but is the diesel engine a different proposition?
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    I'm not sure what the job entails to be honest. Honda had the car nearly a full day so seems quite involved. CJ can you advise?
  6. Sounds like it is if it took a real mechanic that long.
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Well you have all the extended warranty work done so there is no more , so no point having a warranty

    The manifold replace is a pretty sizeable job for a a DIY

    Coolant drain
    remove all the vacuum hoses
    Remove the heat shied on the manifold
    remove the exhaust bend pipe bolts
    remove catalytic converter
    remove turbo charger
    then you have a few more steps then remove the manifold
    then reassemble in reverse. Honda garage will do it in 4 hours but keep the car in for a day for testing to make sure the work is good.