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  1. Zebster Guest

    From a Honda dealer and so should really be genuine. Seems good value for £12 delivered...
    GENUINE HONDA Wheel Nut set, Chromed 25mm Accord, Civic, Jazz, CR-V *FREE POST* | eBay

    Not the same part number as the ones originally fitted to my PFL diesel Sport Tourer with 16" alloys, but I've found that the quoted honda part number (90304-SA5-013) will fit. Not sure of the actual difference?

    I've ordered a set to replace my grotty originals and will report back when received.
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    Thats a nice little way of getting rid of the standard wheel nuts you take off to fit the lock nuts at PDI.
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  3. Zebster Guest

    Ha ha... I reckon you're probably right! They were delivered today and weren't in proper packaging as shown in the ad, they were loose in a taped-up office envelope. Nevertheless, still good value-for-money if you need new ones.

    They are noticeably shorter than my existing ones (~8mm... the waist section between the ball seat and hex head is missing) and so I was concerned about them bottoming out before properly tightening up onto the wheel. But I've carefully compared the wheel stud thread length against the nut thread depth using a thin stick and there is at least 2mm clearance. But may not suit all vehicle/wheels combinations?