General Honda's dreadful attitude continues

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    Was reading this 'opinion' article and it sounded very familiar.
    The 2017 Acura NSX reality check - Autoblog

    Honda and Acura Reps:

    At the event our primary Honda rep had her nose buried in her phone and had almost zero interest in having any conversation about anything. She did say she felt bad about it and then continued to ignore everyone. This behavor continues when you try and contact them via email which is almost comical. That parallels what most enthusiasts experience with the brand, they don't seem to listen. And in talking to one of the original owners about his NSX experience, he mentioned those chosen for Acura focus groups were ignored. Other brands like Porsche and Hyundai have actual sanctioned customer out-reach programs online to aid in new product development. For Honda it literally took a mutiny to get them to fix all of the issues with the 9th Generation Civic.
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    Some people just don't deserve a job.
    I'm not talking about the muppet using her phone, (she should have been issued with a written warning, or sacked), but the weak manager that allows this to happen.
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    I'm getting more depressed about Honda every day. Are they on a mission to lose sales?

    When customers like @John Dickson go elsewhere, you know they have a problem.

    I'm glad I won't need to change my CR-V for years. The products are still excellent, but the advertising and promotion are poor, as is the customer service which seems to be increasingly variable in quality.

    For shame Honda. For shame...:help:
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    They certainly do have a massive problem.... Themselves.

    Market forces were blamed for dropping the Honda had no saloon on offer market forces meant I went to Infiniti - a company who offered the product I wanted.

    Honda management need to do GCSE business studies again.

    A simple business rule: you need to offer your customers what they want not what you want to sell them.

    Given the handful of dealers around still, the fact I have seen more Q30s, Q50s, QX70s for example than new Jazz or HR-V or even Civic Type-R put together for that matter speaks worrying volumes for Honda seeing as they are so much more established in UK.

    Wakey wakey
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