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    Anyone had any experience with this dealer before?

    I got my Accord from these guys, was really happy with everything till I got the car home and started looking into things..
    Just before leaving the dealership I was told i'd receive a few calls over the next couple months to answer any queries I may have - I never got these.
    The car didn't have half the extras it supposedly had either, when I contacted them I was told someone would get back to me to assist me with my problems, this also never happened.

    So i decided to contact Honda UK, to let them know about the problems I've had with Horizon Honda. I feel that they don't represent Honda correctly, however I never received anything back from Honda either..

    It's been 7 Months now and i've kinda given up, anyone else had any problems like this before? What's the best way to go about it?

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    Graham Cheltenham
    I'd have been back down there much sooner than this asking some polite, but firm, questions...
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    I think Graham is right Kieren, it sounding a bit like they weren't under any pressure to do anything so they let it go by the way side. The unfortunate truth is that dealers will avoid responsibility whenever possible, unless you're on their case - they have no reason to pursue, that's just likely to just cost them money.

    It's not uncommon for things to be miss-sold, the issue here is that so much time has passed I think the credibility and weight of anything you say in recourse is going to fall on deaf ears.

    Can you give some more information on how the contact with HUK went? They're normally very good at mediating customer's problems with dealerships.
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    I found the phone number on the HUK website, spoke to an advisor and gave details of when I got the car and any contact I'd had with them since, they said they'd get back to me after talking to the dealer, I've heard nothing back at all.

    I would have gone back there but it's about 4 hours away...