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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by candobill, Sunday 17th Nov, 2013.

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    I got a Chrysler neon that my daughter uses as I don't need it at present, she had a problem with it and the recovery guy told her a hose was damaged on the auto gearbox so lost fluid. told her its easy fix just put a copper pipe in the break and jubilee clip each end. guess who got to fix it :Smile: wanted to know if anyone else has ever done it and thoughts about it. I suppose it sounds ok but I will try for a new hose :Whistle:
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    I've used copper pipe to temporarily repair water pipes but I wouldn't use in a transmission lines.

    Copper plumbing pipe is not designed to take the pressure or heat of auto transmission.

    Also if the copper pipe has not been cut cleanly, the burs may end up in the fluid and end up causing damage.

    Best to get it the pipe replaced rather than run with the copper pipe too long.
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    I always use a pipe cutter it gives a bevelled edge cut and will only use till I find out which replacement hose I need. I am guessing its one of 2 pipes but won't know till I get there to see it but thanks I was of the same opinion as you :Smile: